2013 Mother's Day Recipe Contest

Cafe Turtle Mocha

1) Brew a 2 ounce shot of espresso.
2) Steam about 8 ounces of milk, like you would for a latte.
3) Pour 3/4 ounce of chocolate syrup and 3/4 ounce of caramel into bottom of 12-ounce mug. 
4) Add steamed milk to mug and stir with chocolate and caramel, save some froth for topping.
5) Add espresso and stir lightly.
6) Top with milk froth and drizzle with chocolate and caramel, if desired.

Prize Pack

Congratulations again, Anthony! Anthony has won our Mother's Day Prize Pack featuring:

  • The Keurig B31 in Platinum
  • 1 box of Green Mountain Nantucket Blend K-cups
  • 2 Whole Latte Love Latte Cups