Aloha Island Gold Kona Espresso

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For most, espresso is an acquired taste. And if you have yet to find an espresso that offers the taste experience you seek, Aloha Island’s Gold Espresso may be the answer. Made entirely from the Kona bean, world renowned for its purity, this espresso blend is sweet like syrup, minus the bitterness and acidity found in some espressos. It's the Gold's full body and richness that distinguishes it from your ordinary cup of Joe. The deep, earthy aroma and thick, golden crema allude to the hearty dark flavor even before you lift your cup. And after you sip, this espresso’s finish will pamper your pallette like a soft mousse. Aloha Island’s beans are pesticide-free, certified Kosher, and come in 8.8oz bags packaged in gift boxes.

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Roast Profile
Roast Profile Medium
Best For Brewing
Drip & Espresso Yes
Coffee Condition
Whole Bean Yes
Coffee State
Regular Caffeine Yes
Coffee Packaging
Container Bag
Container Size 8oz
Coffee Type
Blend Yes
Hawaii Certified Kona Yes
Coffee Origin
Country Of Origin USA
Region, farm, Co-op, or Estate Hawaii
Where Roasted Hawaii
Country Imported From USA
Social & Environmental
Organic Yes
Kosher Yes

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Hawaiian coffee farmers are currently battling a Hypothenemus Hampei infestation that is threatening one of the world's most celebrated coffees. The Hypothenemus Hampei is a borer pest that burrows into the cherry, lays its eggs and feeds on the crop. The farmers' ability to manage the borer will...

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