Atomic Café Eleganza Drip Coffee Sampler

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Fair Trade CertifiedThe premium certified fair trade medium-roast Sumatra Mandheling coffee produced by Atomic Café develops a rich full-bodied syrupy drink with delicate fruity and florally notes. For a bolder drink the Costa Rican dark roast, Black Velvet, has an earthy body with smoky flavors of chocolate. A final addition to this Atomic Café sampler package is another Costa Rican bean grown in the Tres Rios region near San Jose. Costa Rican La Magnolia is an elegant and smooth medium-roast. It has subtle notes of citrus and chocolate punctuated by a refined floral aroma.

This Atomic Café whole-bean drip coffee sampler package includes:

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Best For Brewing
Drip Yes
Pour Over Yes
French Press Yes
Coffee Condition
Whole Bean Yes
Coffee State
Regular Caffeine Yes
Package Profile
Package Type Micro-Roaster Premium Drip-Brew Coffees
Package Brands Atomic Café
Package Coffee 1 12oz bag of Atomic Café Fair Trade Sumatra Mandheling Medium Roast Whole Bean Drip Coffee
Package Coffee 2 12oz bag of Atomic Café Black Velvet Dark Roast Whole Bean Drip Coffee
Package Coffee 3 12oz bag of Atomic Café Costa Rican La Magnolia Medium Roast Whole Bean Drip Coffee
Social & Environmental
FairTrade Yes

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