Baratza Maestro Plus

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The Baratza Maestro Plus conical burr grinder offers an economical and versatile way to grind fresh whole bean coffee right at home. The Maestro Plus grinds at 450RPM; this reduced grinding speed cuts down on noise, static and heat generation for near-professional results. There are 40 grind fineness settings to choose from and they are capable of creating coffee grounds suitable for espresso as well as French press, filter and drip coffee. In fact, the Baratza Maestro Plus has been tested by industry experts and the results indicate that it produces superior filter coffee, when compared to other domestic grinders. An upgrade from the Baratza Maestro, this redesigned grinder features a 60 second timer and weighs significantly more at 8 pounds, which results in increased stability.

This model comes with a removable bean hopper and grounds container, but it can also accommodate the Baratza Maestro Portafilter Holder to allow for hands-free operation. The Maestro Plus features a modern black exterior and is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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Features and Benefits

Grinder Adjustments

The Baratza Maestro Plus has 40 stepped grind adjustments. Alternating between the different grind settings is easy; simply turn the bean hopper.


This Baratza grinder is equipped with durable 40mm conical burrs, allowing it to produce consistent results. The burrs are held in place with a precision mounting system to provide a steady platform for accurate grinding.


The high-torque, direct-current motor results in seamless operation; since the burrs are operated at only 450 RPM, heat transfer and static are kept to a minimum. In addition to heat and static reduction, the low RPM lets the grinder remain quiet and unobtrusive. The motor also features a thermal cut-off switch for safe operation.


The Maestro Plus has a 60-second timer. Just turn the knob, located on the side of the grinder, to set the timer.

Bean Hopper and Grounds Container

This Baratza model has an 8-ounce bean hopper and a 5-ounce anti-static grounds container. Both are tinted to reduce light exposure. The Baratza Maestro Plus measures 14"H x 5"W x 6" D.

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