Bodum Presso 34 fl oz Storage Jar

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The 2012 Bodum Presso Storage Jar represents the next generation of the Presso collection and introduces advanced materials for increased functionality. Manufactured using silicone and borosilicate glass they can resist extremely high temperatures. The jar itself, except the lid, is microwave safe. You can store very hot liquids and liquids with high acidity without discoloring the Presso components. Made of fully recyclable materials the Bodum Presso Storage Jar expresses the company’s environment friendly spirit.

Available in Black, Red, Lime Green, and Off White, and in 20 fl oz, 34 fl oz (1 Liter), and 64 fl oz (2 Liter) sizes.

The Presso Storage Jar is an IF design award winner from the International Forum Design GmbH

International  Forum Design Award

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