Bodum 15oz Travel Press Coffee Maker

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The Bodum 15oz Travel Press Coffee Maker saves money and avoids wasting those precious moments in the morning standing in line at the coffee shop. You can make your coffee while getting dressed and ready for the day. Hot water and ground coffee goes in the mug and in four minutes develops to its full aroma. Press down the plunger and out the door you go. The double wall mug keeps your coffee hot while you wend your way to work. The dishwasher safe Bodum 15oz Travel Press Coffee Maker is made from plastic, rubber, silicone and stainless steel and is a recipient of the Green Good Design award.

Green Good Design's mission is to find the most innovative design approach for new products, buildings, and environments that center on the idea of repairing our world with sustainable and ecological alternatives.

Green Good Design

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