Bodum 12oz Travel Mug

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Stylish and portable, the Bodum Travel Mug makes it easy to take your beverages on the road. This mug has a transparent body and an adjustable opening that is virtually spill proof when closed. It is made with long-lasting plastic, rubber and silicone for your enjoyment. The Bodum Travel Mug is available in 12 as well as 15-ounce sizes and comes in a variety of colors including: black, red, green, white and orange.

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Recent questions
Stephen asked:
posted on Jun 01, 2013 01:21AM

Question by Stephen S.

Will this fit under the Gaggia. academia?
DanielCulver aswered:
The Academia shows that it will accept 6 1/2" as maximum height for a cup. Amazon says this mug is 7 7/16" in height. For this to fit, the removable top would have to be almost a full 1" thick. Based on the photograph I would guess, no. I would certainly want to ask the staff at WLL to physically... more