Bodum Columbia Sugar & Creamer Set

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The Bodurn Columbia sugar and creamer containers match perfectly with the Columbia French Press, making for a stunning set for any coffee lover. The double-walled containers are precision crafted so your cream retains its temperature, and your sugar stays nice and dry. The brushed finish accentuates this stunning set.

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Caryl asked:
posted on Dec 06, 2012 05:17PM

Question by Caryl S.

I found this product on for $29.99. How do I order it at that price since you state that you match prices?
A aswered:
Caryl, Matching that price is not a problem. Please give us a call at 1-888-411-5282 option 1 to process the price match and get this product to you! I am personally a huge fan of the Bodum products.