French Press Coffee Set

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Package Includes
Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder - Black $129.00
Supreme Bean Organic Rainforest Whole Bean Blend - Quantity: 2 $29.90
Torrefazione Settebello French Roast Whole Bean $15.99
Value: $174.89


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For those that love the full-bodied flavor that French Press coffee offers, this is for you. Included is the Bonjour Maximus French Press in Candy Apple Red, both striking and functional, while its 8-cup capacity brews enough for a crowd. The Bodum Ibis Electric Kettle insures that your water is hot and ready for brewing. The  Baratza Encore Grinder, a powerful and versatile grinder, will deliver the perfect grind for French Press. Two pounds of whole bean  Supreme Bean’s Organic Rainforest Blend and a pound of Torrefazione Settebello French Roast are flavorful choices you’ll want to brew every time.

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