Bonjour Caffe Froth Monet Milk Frother

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This stylish frother transforms ordinary milk into velvety froth for cappuccinos, lattes or mochas. The Froth Monet features an elegant stainless steel domed lid with a color coordinated rubber grip for easy removal. A non skid rubber coaster ensures stability while frothing. Combine the Froth Monet with the Monet French press and enjoy unparalleled gourmet coffee drinks.

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Recent questions
ARzondzinksa asked:
posted on Oct 12, 2013 10:52AM

Question by Andrea R.

I assume one can use warm or hot milk (heated in another container, as I don't have a microwave). Do you know whether the frother works better with cold or heated milk? Thanks!
mjackson aswered:
Actually it does work very well with both, It has good reports with hot and and cold milk.