Tassimo Exam Survival Kit

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Get through those mid-terms and finals in style with the Exam Survival Kit. With the Bosch Tassimo T65, Tassimo T-Disc King of Joe Dark Roast Coffee and Gevalia Latte T-Discs, and 2 Whole Latte Love mugs, you should be in good shape. ...Now, sharpen that #2 pencil and put your thinking cap on!

Tassimo T-Disc King of Joe Dark Roast Coffee box contains 12 T-Discs

Gevalia Latte T-Discs box contains 8 espresso T-Discs and 8 creamer T-discs.

Bosch Tassimo is the ideal on-campus Hot Beverage System, with its fully automated operation and conveniently packaged T-Discs, every student can be a barista! Dishwasher-safe parts, and automatic cleaning/descaling cycles, make this the perfect low-maintenance machine for the student on the go.

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