Bosch Tassimo Suprema

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Don't call it a coffee maker, the Tassimo Hot Beverage System vows to deliver "a perfect cup every time." With a user-friendly interface and sleek design, the Tassimo lives up to its promise in style! This model from Bosch allows users to choose from 13 unique hot beverage brands — conveniently packaged in "T-Discs" — to make over 40 drink varieties with just the push of a button. Available in Red or Silver.

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Features and Benefits

Advanced Technology

With Tassimo's fully automated operation, all you have to do is insert a "T-Disc" and push the programming button to select your desired brew and drink strength; the Hot Beverage System will do the rest. Using patented bar code technology, the Tassimo self-adjusts to provide the right amount of water, brewing time, and temperature for your chosen drink. With an inverse filtration system, which raises hot water into the "T-Discs," the Tassimo allows coffee grounds to be evenly soaked every time, without the use of high bar pressure. Also, its flow-through heating technology and water filtration system will ensure a remarkably fast brewing experience and great tasting beverages.


With an adjustable and removable cup stand, the Tassimo can make real milk lattes, cappuccinos, coffees, cremas, espressos, hot chocolate, and teas to fit most cups and travel mugs. The brew time is approximately one minute and since the actual brewing takes place within the "T Discs," you can make one drink right after another without worrying about flavor transfer from cup to cup

Mavea Water Filtration System

The Tassimo Suprema uses the Mavea water filtration system, maintaining the natural taste and aroma of your beverages. Two cartridges are included with the machine. On top of the water tank lid is an indicator, telling you when it's time to change your Mavea water filter. Be sure to change the Mavea filter every 8 weeks.

Cleaning, Storage, and Energy Use

The Tassimo is designed to be a space-saving device, with a removable, ergonomic 67-ounce water tank and integrated storage compartments for its power cord and "T-Discs." Dishwasher-safe parts along with an automatic cleaning/descaling program help to make the Tassimo low maintenance for the average user. In addition, this super automatic is energy consumption conscious, reverting to stand-by mode after each and every brew cycle.

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