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More compact than the traditional Knock Box, the Knock Box Mini is an essential accessory for Breville owners looking to make their lives easier. Designed for aggressive use, the box has a die-cast metal frame, a durable rubber bar, and an anti-slip base so you can knock out your coffee pucks with fervor.

The Knock Box Mini measures a mere 4" x 4" x 4.5".

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Recent questions
Travis asked:
posted on Mar 11, 2014 06:25PM

From whence hath this most rugged cube cometh?

What is this thing? What am I knocking around? I'm baffled, bungied, and ready to learn.
Maggie aswered:
This product is used for removing loose grounds from your portafilter after the brewing process is over.  It's great for composting (and also for making sure that your filter basket doesn't go in the garbage can or down the disposal).   (Shouldst thou have further queries, please do feel free... more