Breville BKC700XL Single Cup Brewer

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The only single-serve machine from Breville, the BKC700XL Single Cup Brewer lets you enjoy freshly made beverages with convenient K-Cups. Choose from more than 200 K-Cup varieties to brew everything from coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other specialty drinks. The Single Cup Brewer uses patented a Keurig showerhead to infuse temperature and volume-specific water into the K-Cups, resulting in perfectly balanced beverages.

Push button controls make beverage selection as simple as can be. Choose from five drink selections to create your desired beverages. With sizes ranging from an extra-large 11.25oz drink to a 3.25oz ice beverage, the Single Cup Brewer allows for more drink customization than most single-serve machines. Best of all you'll be brewing in peace; thanks to the BKC700XL's innovative Quiet Brew Technology it'll be the coffee, not the sounds that wake you up in wee morning hours.

With an attractive stainless steel exterior and bright LCD display, the BKC700XL is both beautiful and functional—making it a great choice for single-serve coffee lovers.


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Features and Benefits


To make a beverage, simply insert your choice of K-Cup into the front loading BKC700XL; place a cup under the dispenser and select your desired beverage size. For a cold drink, the Iced Beverage setting, a unique feature only available with the BCK700XL. To make a cold, refreshing drink, fill a tall glass with ice and place it beneath the dispenser. Select the Ice Beverage option and a concentrated 3.25oz serving will be dispensed into your cup. The Breville BKC700XL has a powerful 1500-watt heating element, enabling it to deliver a complete beverage in seconds.


Each K-Cup is designed to bring out the flavor from your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Its tight seal locks out heat, light, and moisture. The K-Cup’s built-in filter means that no grinds or tea leaves can make their way into your mug. Compact and colorful, K-Cups can be stacked for easy storage.

The Breville BKC700XL Brewer is also My K-Cup compatible, allowing you turn ground coffee into a K-Cup, ready to brew. The My K-Cup filter is reusable, making it a great cost saving option.

Additional Features

  • Choose from five brew sizes including: Extra-Large Travel Mug (11.25oz), Large (9.25oz), Medium (7.25oz), Small, Bold Flavor (5.25oz), and Iced Beverage (3.25oz)
  • Adjustable brew temperature settings
  • A removable drip tray allows the machine to accommodate large travel mugs
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    Misc Data
    Manufacturer Breville
    Model BKC700XL
    Dimension - Width (Inches) 10.25
    Dimension - Height (Inches) 12.75
    Dimension - Depth (Inches) 13.25
    Weight (lbs) 12
    Watts 1500
    Volts 120
    Essential Info
    Brewing System Water
    Brew Under 5 Minutes Yes
    Brew Time in Minutes 3
    Cups Per Brew 1
    Usage Home
    Housing Materials Stainless Steel/Plastic
    Body Materials Stainless Steel/Plastic
    Maintenance Wipe With Damp Cloth and Mild soap
    Type Single Cup
    Water Source
    Material Plastic
    Height To Remove No
    Removable Yes
    Reservoir Access Top
    Water Level Gauge Yes
    Reservoir Yes
    Type Of Control Switches Push Button
    Power Light Yes
    Brewing Light Yes
    Digital Display Yes
    Clock / Timer Yes
    Programmable Power On Yes
    Programmable Power Off Yes
    Auto Shut Off Yes
    Descaler Used Durgol
    Replacement Carafe Yes
    Warranty (Years) 1
    Country Of Manufacture China
    NSF Certified No
    Recommended Applications Home
    Available Internationally No
    Service provided
    Repairs By Breville
    Contact Number 866-273-8455

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