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Accommodate all of your brewing preferences with the Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer. Featuring the ability to brew ground coffee, *pods, K-Cups, and dispense hot water for instant coffee, tea, oatmeal, etc. the MCU does it all. Its versatility comes from its four interchangeable, front loading drawers, each specialized for a specific type of brewing. Want to switch between pods and K-cups? Just swap out the drawer and you're good to go. The MCU shines as a single-serve unit, with a fast brew time of under 1 minute and an adjustable volume of 4 to 14 oz serving sizes. The MCU utilizes a stainless steel heating tank, which dispenses coffee at approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The MCU also features a pulse brewing option to extract greater flavor from your coffee or tea.

*Please note that the MCU can only brew with soft coffee pods not  Easy Serve Espresso/ESE  pods like those made by Illy

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