Bunn Trifecta MB Single Serve Air Infusion Coffee Maker

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Combining the smooth, clean brewing qualities of a vacuum coffee maker with the ease of use and programability of a super-automatic machine, the Bunn Trifecta MB coffee maker is truly one-of-a-kind. The Trifecta offers 25 unique 6 to 12oz single-cup brew settings. The Trifecta allows you to adjust the turbulence and infusion time of each brew cycle, allowing you to dial in a cup that suits your tastes.


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Automatic Vacuum Brewing

The Trifecta's automatic vacuum brewing system allows you to brew between 6 to 12oz of coffee at a time.

Turbulence Cycle

The Trifecta's brewing process features a Turbulence Cycle, which mixes the ground coffee or tea leaves when air is infused into the chamber. The Trifecta offers five different turbulence settings to aid in the extraction of deeper flavors and unique notes from the coffee or tea you're brewing.

Infusion Time

Based on your preferences, the Trifecta offers 5 different infusion times to choose from, ranging from 40 seconds to 3 minutes allowing you to vary your brewing based on different types of roasts or varieties of tea.

Press Out

The Trifecta utilizes a fine-gauge metal screen to allow for the filtration of fine particles from your coffee. The water is filtered at high pressure and results in a rich, smooth, clean cup of coffee.


To make your brewing experience an easier and more enjoyable one, the Trifecta comes packaged with the following accessories:

  • Coffee Scoop
  • Digital Scale
  • Brew Pitcher
  • Extra Brew Chamber

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Recent questions
dangerrabbit asked:
posted on Feb 12, 2014 07:47AM

What are the measurements?

I can't seem to find the measurements of the device anywhere.  Also, how tall are the brew chambers?
Erik aswered:
The machine is 18 inches tall.  Please contact Bunn for the size of the brew chamber