Cafe La Semeuse Ground Single-Origin Perou Coffee

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Cafe La Semeuse Ground Single-Origin Perou coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans from Peru. Cafe La Semeuse has a long standing partnership with the coffee estate of Jose Coffeeman in Peru that yields a very fine grade of Arabica.

Estate grown in South America, then high-altitude roasted in  Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland, this coffee has a lively and intense aroma reminiscent of ripe fruit and butter cookies.

Your palate will experience an enchanting attack, perfectly balanced with noble and refreshing flavors that finish as full bodied and delectable, revealing a strong aroma of cocoa and spicy tones.

The folks at Cafe La Semeuse call this coffee “Heavenly”! Available in whole bean and ground 8.8oz bags.

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Flavor Notes
Aroma Notes Ripe fruit & butter cookies
Taste Notes Cocoa & spice tones
Finish Notes Refreshing
Palate Notes Balanced
Roast Profile
Roast Profile Medium
Best For Brewing
Drip Yes
Coffee Condition
Pre-Ground Yes
Coffee State
Regular Caffeine Yes
Special Attribute
Single Origin Yes
Estate Grown Jose Coffeeman
High Altitude Roasted Yes
Coffee Botanical
Species 100 % Arabica
Coffee Packaging
Container Bag
Container Size 8.8oz
Coffee Type
100% Arabica Yes
Coffee Origin
Country Of Origin Peru
Region, farm, Co-op, or Estate Jose Coffeeman
Where Roasted Switzerland
Country Imported From Switzerland

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