Micro-Roaster Organic Drip Coffee Sampler

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Package Includes
Caffe D’arte Organico Drip Whole Bean $13.99
Klatch Coffee FTO Rainforest Blend 12oz Whole Bean $13.95
Paradise Coffee Roasters Mexico Chiapas $16.95
Value: $44.89


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Our Micro-Roaster Organic Drip Coffee Sampler has a superb line-up of coffee all-stars. Leading off with a shade-grown Fair-Trade Organic medium roast we have Paradise Coffee Roasters Mexico Chiapas exhibiting vibrant tropical fruit flavor notes with a deep chocolate finish. Next up is the Fair-Trade Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from Johnson Brothers. It has luxurious notes of plum, tobacco, molasses, clover and nuts that produce a sensual lingering aftertaste. Waiting on deck is the medium roast Fair-Trade Organic Rainforest Blend from Klatch Coffee, having a crisp, clean taste. And finally at the clean-up position in our line-up is a premium fair trade and certified organic coffee: Caffe D’artes Organico. A low-acid, earthy blend having caramel flavor notes. This sampler package is sure to please all of your organic drip coffee fans!
This sampler includes:

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