Chemex Entertainer's Gift Set

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Package Includes
Chemex 100 Pre-Folded Filter Circles - 100 Circle Filters $8.50
Chemex Classic Coffeemaker - 10 cup (50 ounce) $45.50
Chemex Handblown Coffee Mug - Handblown Coffee Mug - Quantity: 2 $32.00
Chemex Handblown Cream & Sugar Set - Cream & Sugar Set $39.00
Lavazza Classico $9.99
Lavazza Perfetto $9.99
Value: $144.98


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Celebrate the art and science of pour over coffee brewing with the Chemex Entertainer's gift set. Each item in this set showcases the form and function of Chemex's signature hourglass design, from the mugs to the sugar bowl. The Entertainer's Gift set includes the 10-Cup Chemex Classic Coffeemaker, the Handblown Chemex Cream & Sugar Set, two Chemex Glass Coffee Mugs, 100 Pre-Folded Circle Filters, and a bag each of Lavazza's Classico and Perfetto premium drip coffees. 


For more information on pour over brewing, be sure to check out our guide from Joe Bean Coffee Roasters.

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