Cuisinart DCC-2750 Extreme Brew 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker

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Start your morning right with the Cuisinart 10-Cup Extreme Brew Thermal Coffee Maker. Capable of brewing up to 25% faster than other coffee makers in its class, the Extreme Brew is also programmable for your convenience. This model comes complete with a permanent Gold Tone coffee filter and a fully insulated 10-cup thermal carafe to keep your beverages warm and ready to enjoy.


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Brewing Technology

The Cuisinart DC-2750 is equipped with re-engineered brewing technology to deliver a fresh pot of coffee up to 25% faster than comparable machines. This model has a large showerhead to evenly distribute hot water over coffee grounds for flavorful, aromatic drinks. If you prefer to brew smaller volumes of coffee, there is a 1-4 cup setting that will automatically adjust the brewing cycle to maximize flavor and guard against under-extracted brews. For custom drinks, the Extreme Brew comes equipped with two coffee strength options, allowing you to prepare regular or bold beverages. The DCC-2750 also has a 60-second reset that will automatically recall your settings and preferences in the event of a power outage.

Programmable Options

The Extreme Brew features 24-hour programmability. This coffee maker can be set to automatically come on and brew up to a day in advance. While the Extreme Brew is equipped with audible alerts to let you know when the brew cycle is complete, you have the option of muting the sound if you prefer not to be disturbed.

Brew Pause Feature

With Cuisinart’s Brew Pause Feature, you can interrupt the brewing cycle to sneak a quick cup of coffee. Once you’re done pouring your cup, the machine can resume the brewing cycle where it left off.

Coffee and Water Filters

A reusable Gold Tone coffee filter effectively eliminates the need for paper filters. However, the Cuisinart Extreme Brew is also compatible with disposable paper filters for your convenience. This coffee maker comes with a charcoal filter to help eliminate scale and other impurities from your tap water. An indicator light, located on the front panel of the machine will let you know when the coffee maker needs to be cleaned or descaled.

Housing and Construction

The Cuisinart DCC-2750 10-Cup Extreme Brew Thermal Coffee Maker has an attractive silver ABS plastic housing. It features a 50-ounce removable reservoir with visible water indicators. This compact machine measures 8”W x 9”D x 15.5”H and weighs 7.4 pounds. It has a small digital display and push-button controls.

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Misc Data
Manufacturer Cuisinart
Model DCC2750
Dimension - Width (Inches) 8
Dimension - Height (Inches) 16
Dimension - Depth (Inches) 11.6
Weight (lbs) 17
Watts 1200
Volts 120
Essential Info
Brewing System Steam
Brew Under 5 Minutes Yes
Cups Per Brew 10
Usage Home
Maintenance Wipe With Damp Cloth and Mild soap
Type Thermal
Exterior Material Stainless Steel
Interior Material Stainless Steel
Volume (Oz) 50
Drip Stop & Serve Yes
Anti-Spill Pouring Yes
Sealed Lid Yes
Number Of Carafe's 1
Water Source
Material Plastic
Water Filter Type Charcoal
Removes Chlorine Yes
Removes Sediments Yes
Water Filter Life (Months) 2
Water Level Gauge Yes
Water Filter Part Number DCC-RWF-1
Reservoir Yes
Water Filter Included Yes
Type Of Control Switches Push Button/ Dials
Digital Display Yes
Clock / Timer Yes
Programmable Power On Yes
Auto Shut Off Yes
Partial Pot Usage Yes
Coffee Filter
Optional Filter Gold Tone
Removable Coffee Filter Bin Yes
Filter Type #4 cone
Descaler Used Durgol
Paper Filter #4 cone
Gold Tone Filter Yes
Replacement Carafe DGB-600CRF
Water Filter DCC-RWF-1
Warranty (Years) 3
Country Of Manufacture China
NSF Certified No
Recommended Applications Home
Available Internationally No
Service provided
Repairs By Cuisinart
Contact Number 800-726-0190

Question & Answers

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Recent questions
Lance asked:
posted on Feb 20, 2013 07:36AM

Question by Lance Y.

Several reviews state thst this does not brew a hot cup of coffee. in your exoerience, is this true?
A aswered:
From my experience, it brews hot, though not as hot as some. If you are looking for a machine that brews coffee above the 200° mark with certainty, I would look at either the Bunn HT Phase Brew or the Bonavita Exceptional Brew.