Cuisinart DGB-600 Grind & Brew Thermal

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Essential Info:
“Technically speaking, this is the ultimate coffee maker.” Even though this statement is a bit of self-endorsement on Cuisinart’s part, they do have the right to brag. This machine has every major feature that has recently become popular among drip coffee aficionados. Cuisinart has included the fairly standard 24-hour programmability and Brew Pause features, but rounds the machine out with an internal blade grinder, small pot flavor adjustment, and a 10-cup thermal carafe. The Grind and Brew Thermal is a simple machine that makes a great cup of coffee and keeps it that way for hours. It is available in Stainless Steel.

The control panel is laid out very simply on the front of the machine and makes programming a snap. The on/off switch, with its red indicator light, begins the grinding and brewing processes when pushed. You can use pre-ground coffee instead of grinding your own beans using the “Grind Off” button. A yellow indicator light lets you know if this option is in use. If you would like to make a smaller batch of coffee, the 1-4 cup button will adjust water flow to fully extract flavor from the coffee, as well as making sure that the coffee is at optimal temperature during brewing. The machine can be programmed to grind and brew up to 24 hours in advance, and indicates if it is set to do so with a green light. The Grind and Brew Thermal also has a Brew Pause option to let you momentarily stop brewing to pour a cup of coffee. Placing the thermal carafe back on the resting plate will resume the brewing process.

The Grind and Brew does its best make a great cup of coffee and keep it that way. Given all of the options and features that are involved with this machine, there is a bit of maintenance that is required. The grinder and filter holder must be removed for regular cleanings, and the water filtration unit has to be replaced every two months or so. The taste of freshly ground coffee is far superior to pre-ground, but unfortunately, you cannot adjust the grind setting or the volume of coffee that is ground, so there isn’t much fine-tuning you can do there. Cuisinart simply recommends filling the grinder to the top to make a full pot, or using one scoop of whole beans per cup. The directions also state to rinse the carafe with hot water before brewing to get maximum heat retention, a step that feels rather unnecessary. The unit does produce a good cup of coffee, but could use a few more options and settings to reach its true potential.

Sleek and stylish, this coffee maker has a contoured design. The rounded edges of this machine create soft lines that are very pleasing to the eye. Housed in stainless steel and black plastic, the Grind and Brew Thermal looks and acts tough. Solid and well built, you won’t need to worry about accidentally hurting the machine with day-to-day use. In addition, the machine is relatively compact considering the multitude of functions it performs. This machine has several smart space saving features, like single lid access to both the grinder and reservoir and a unique pop-forward filter basket. The internal parts, including the blade grinder, are very easy to remove for cleaning. It is obvious that this machine was well thought out internally and externally.

A thermal carafe improves the performance of coffee over long periods of time. Letting coffee sit on a direct heat source, as it does on machines with hot plates, causes coffee flavor to break down after an hour or so. There is no need for a hot plate with this double walled stainless steel thermal carafe, so the true flavor of the coffee is preserved. The lid of the carafe also helps to retain heat and flavor, featuring a small valve that only opens when the carafe is angled down for pouring.

Hot Plate:
The thermal carafe of this machine eliminates the need for a hot plate. The carafe rests on a scratch resistant plastic base that has a non-stick coating.

The reservoir and grinder are accessible through the same lid. This is a nice design feature, however, you want to be extremely careful not to get any water in the grinding portion of the machine. Metal and electrical parts are both contained in that area, and it could cause a problem if they get excessively wet. The reservoir is stepped and clearly marked, so it’s easy to see how much water you’ve put in. The holder for the charcoal water filter is also in the reservoir.

Water Filtration:
Water filtration makes coffee taste better. This is a simple truth, and with all the other features and benefits the Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal has, it’s not a big surprise that they included a filtration device as well. The small filter fits into a holder that sits in the water reservoir. The holder is easy to grab from the top of the reservoir, so you won’t have to stick your hand into the water to replace it. It should be replaced every 60 uses or 60 days, whichever comes first.

Coffee Filter:
The most unique thing about the filter is its access point. The filter holder is opened using a button located on the left side of the machine. Pressing this button causes the filter to pop straight out and then turn toward the right. This feature conserves space as well as making it easy to pull the filter hold out for cleaning. A goldtone filter is included, but #4 paper filters can also be used.

The Grind and Brew has all the goodies. Included with this machine are a coffee scoop, goldtone filter, five #4 paper filters, and a charcoal water filter. Water and coffee filter re-order information is also provided.


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Features & Benefits: Coffee & Carafe

Built-In Grinder

The Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal will automatically grind your whole beans just before brewing. This feature can also be turned off if you have some favorite preground coffee to use.

Thermal 10 Cup Carafe

The Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal's double-wall stainless steel carafe hold up 10 5oz cups and keeps them warm without the burning flavor left with warming plates.

Programmable Brewing

Set the Grind & Brew Thermal to start brewing up to 24 hours in advance. Your coffee can be ready and waiting for you every morning.

Brew Pause

Allows you to enjoy a cup before the entire pot has finished brewing.

Features & Benefits: Care, Maintenance & Other

Water Filter

A charcoal filter (included) removes many of the impurities found in common tap water.

Automatic Shutoff

The Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal automatically turns off after the brewing is complete.

Housing Construction

The Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal is housed mostly in metal with small amounts of plastic trim. Elegant Italian styling.

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