Dalla Corte Mini Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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With the features of a commercial machine, the Dalla Corte Mini offers a lot in the way of brewing, steaming, temperature stability and steam pressure. What makes this machine so special? The double boiler and the Direct Temperature Control System (DTCS), which together form a potent offense to consistently produce great coffee. Boasting dual boilers, the Mini allows you to brew and steam simultaneously, eliminating the wait time for the boiler to heat up or cool off, and produces an almost endless supply of steam.

Composed of the same high-quality components found in commercial machines, the Mini provides great temperature stability and the ability to change brew temperature with the turn of a knob. Espresso enthusiasts know the importance of temperature during the brew cycle, and the Direct Temperature Control System (DTCS) controls the temperature of the brewing unit and the boiler to 1/10th of a degree Centigrade. The twin boiler system provides heated water for brewing and continuous steam to foam milk for hot chocolate, cappuccino, or your favorite frothy drink.

The Mini fits easily under standard kitchen cupboards, and operating is very easy with programmable brewing buttons accompanied by a free-flow button, producing perfect shots every time you brew. It’s easy to install, requires no special power supply, affords low service and maintenance costs, and cleanup is a breeze.

Capable of brewing at some of the most consistent temperatures found in a home machine, the Dalla Corte is a revolution in the area of traditional household espresso coffee machines. Created for the true coffee conneuseur.


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Heavy Duty Commercial Portafilter

The Dalla Corte features a 54mm commercial grade portafilter. Despite its smaller size, the portafilter on the Dalla Corte is extremely heavy, largely in part because of its marine grade chrome-plated brass construction. The machine also comes with a tamper.

Commercial Brew Group

The Dalla Corte Mini’s brew group is of the same quality that is found on many commercial machines. All Dalla Corte machines have a DTCS direct temperature control system that provides unparalled temperature stability for brewing. The Dalla Corte Mini also comes with a backflush disc for hassle-free machine maintenance.

Programmable Pre-Infusion

The Dalla Corte Mini espresso machine was designed to pre-infuse for either 4 or 2 seconds, depending on your preference. This feature allows the coffee grounds to moisten within the portafilter and aromatic oils to release as the high-pressure pump extracts the perfect crema.

Twin Boiler System Construction

The Dalla Corte’s double boilers make it possible to brew and steam simultaneously--there’s never a wait time for the boiler to cool off, or heat up. The 0.5 liter group mounted brew boiler on the Dalla Corte Mini is constructed of heavy-grade nickel plated brass, while the 1.5 liter steam boiler is constructed of stainless steel.

Brew Temperature Control

The engineers at Dalla Corte figured coffee aficianodos would want full control of their machine, that’s why they included an adjustable temperature setting. Located on the front of the machine, the knob indicates the brewing temperature and can easily be adjusted between 85 degrees and 110 degrees centigrade by simply turning left or right.

3-Way Solenoid Valve

Another feature on the Dalla Corte is the 3-way solenoid valve. Found on very few at-home models, the 3-way solenoid valve will eliminate excess water from the group head, draining excess water from the coffee puck – leaving you with a manageable puck for disposal.

Cup Warmer

Utilizing the heat from within, the Dalla Corte Mini has a passive cup-warming tray that will hold up to six cups. We recommend brewing your espresso into a warm cup, because it preserves the temperature and taste.


The keypad is easy to use and comfortable to touch--not flimsy and slippery. The on/off switch is located on the left, and the temperature adjustment and three dosing buttons on the right. There are buttons for one and two cups and a manual button that you press to turn on and then press again to turn off.

Frothing/Hot Water

Hot Water Dispenser

The Mini does not come with a separate hot water dispenser, but if you’re looking to heat water for a café Americano, simply submerge the steam want into a mug of hot water, steam, and then brew your shot.


The Dalla Corte Mini has extremely powerful steaming capabilities because of its 1.5 liter steam boiler that is completely dedicated to foaming and steaming. The Dalla Corte Mini comes with a 3-hole steam tip that steams and foams milk beautifully. The steam arm is made of stainless steel, rather than chrome, which from a durability standpoint, will hold up to daily wear and tear.

MA-TER XP700 pressurestat

The Mini comes with the MA-TER XP700 pressurestat, for optimal steam boiler temperature.


Water Reservoir

The water tank holds 3 liters of water and can be removed to be filled. When the tank needs to be filled, 3 LED lights on the push-button panel will flash in sequence. No further operation of the machine is possible until it has been refilled with water.

Maintenance and Housing Construction

The Dalla Corte Mini is easy to keep clean by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth. This will keep the stainless steel and plastic housing clean shot after shot. To keep your Dalla Corte Mini brewing seamlessly, you’ll want to backflush your machine regularly. A backflush disc is included with the Dalla Corte Mini.

Inc Accessories

For your convenience, a tamper and backflush disc are included with the purchase of a Dalla Corte Mini.

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Misc Data
Manufacturer Dalla Corte
Dimension - Width (Inches) 10
Dimension - Height (Inches) 15.3
Dimension - Depth (Inches) 14
Weight (lbs) 48.5
Watts 1900
Volts 120
Housing Materials Stainless Steel/Plastic
Drip Tray Material Plastic
Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Capacity (Oz) 33
Power Cord Length (Inches) 50
Cup Height
High (Inches) 4.75
Frothing Wand
Material Stainless Steel
Steam Wand Style Commercial Style
Wand Movement Rotating
Usable Length (Inches) 5.125
Height Off Counter (Inches) 3.25 to 4.5
Number Of Holes 3
Optional Steam Tips Or Wands Yes
Water Source
Reservoir Or Plumbed Reservoir
Reservoir Capacity (Oz) 100
Reservoir Material Plastic
Reservoir Removable Yes
Type Of Controls Push Button
Display Type LED
Programmable Brewing Yes
Temperature Control Yes
Cup Volume Control Yes
Pre-Infusion Yes
Low Water Warning Yes
Pressure Gauges steam
Steam Control Yes
Brew Temperature Display Yes
Cup Warmer
Material Stainless Steel
Size (Inches) No
Passive / Active Passive
Portafilter Data
Material Chrome Plated Brass
Type Commercial Style
Quantity Included 2
Weight (Lbs) 1.38
Diameter (Millimeter) 54
Commercial Filter Baskets Included Single & Double
Ground, E.S.E. Pod And Capsule Compatible Ground Only
Bottomless Portafilter Available Yes
Tamper Size (Millimeter) 54
Brew Group
Material Chrome Plated Brass
Type Saturated
Preheat Yes
Three-Way Valve Electric
Back Flush Capable Yes
Boiler Data
Number Of Boilers 2
Brew And Steam Simultaneously Yes
Rapid Steam Yes
Brew Boiler Data
Brew Boiler Type Small Volume
Brew Boiler Watts 900
Brew boiler Volume (Oz) .5 liter
Brew Boiler Material Brass Nickel Plated
Brew Boiler Orientation Vertical Above Brew Group
Brew Boiler Heater Location Internal
Brew Boiler Auto Fill Yes
Steam Boiler Data
Insulated No
Steam Boiler Type Large
Steam Boiler Watts 1850
Steam Boiler Volume (Oz) 1.5 Liter
Steam Boiler Material Stainless Steel
Steam Boiler Orientation Horizontal
Steam Boiler Heater Location Internal
Steam Boiler Vacuum Relief valve Yes
Steam Boiler Auto Fill Yes
Pump Data
Pump Type Vibration
Pump Wattage 70
Maximum Pressure (Bar) 17 bar
Brew Pressure Adjustability Yes
Air Remover Yes
Self Priming Pump 8 to 9 Bar
Initial Heat Up (Seconds) 590
Recommended Heat Up Time (Seconds) 1200
Time To Steam 8 Oz Milk (Seconds) 8.5
Hot Water Temp 8 Oz (F) 199
Hot Water Time 8 Oz (Seconds) 41
Hot Water Recovery Time (Seconds) 0
Sound Level - Brewing (Db) 80
Sound Level - Grinding (Db) No
Back Flush Cleaner Used Cafiza
Warranty (Years) 1
Country Of Manufacture Italy
Recommended Applications Home / Commercial
Service provided
Repairs By Whole Latte Love
Contact Number 888-411-5282

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