Espressione Cafe Retro Espresso Machine

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The Café Retro espresso machine sparkles with the looks and sound construction of the good ol’ days, but features some of the latest innovations desired. So even if the semi automatic conjures a nostalgic feeling, convenience and efficiency allow this espresso maker to keep up with today’s fast-paced life. Perhaps best of all, the machine is easy to use and affordable.

Espressione is a well-respected Italian company with three decades in the industry, and the experience shows in its attention to detail. The smart design includes an adjustable steam wand and hot water dispenser that leaves plenty of room to fit different sized cups beneath it. A durable lever operating the wand works like the arm of a slot machine and gives you great control when steaming drinks. When used for steaming milk, the attached “Maxi Cappuccino” frothing device makes creating a light and fluffy froth easier for those new to the craft. The Café Retro also includes two different types of portafilters, one a pressurized version that lets you pick and grind your own beans before brewing, and the other a portafilter designed for the Easy Serving Espresso system. This system helps reduce cleanup because the portafilter uses pre-packaged pods of espresso served in single shots. Other clever features include a slender drip tray with a handle for easy removal, a cup warmer with rails to prevent cups from falling, a removable stainless steel drip grate, and a housing compartment for the cord.

Inside the machine, the 24 oz aluminum boiler is durable and heats up rapidly. A vintage-style temperature gauge on the front panel reassures you the boiler is hot enough for making quality drinks. The sturdy inner workings of this espresso machine will help make the Café Retro part of your espresso experience for a long time to come.

The Retro is available in four catchy colors—red, orange, silver, and black. Other accessories include single and double-shot filter baskets for the ground coffee portafilter, a 7g coffee scoop, and tamper.


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Features & Benefits: Coffee

2 Portafilters

The Café Retro includes two chrome plated brass portafilter handles. One works with the ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) system for quick and easy use with less mess. The portafilter uses pods that are single serve prepackaged shots. The other portafilter is a non-pressurized 58mm portafilter that comes with single and double-shot filter baskets.


The 8 oz boiler is made entirely of aluminum, which means it is highly resistant to corrosion. Aluminum also is a metal that heats up quickly, ensuring water in the boiler is the proper temperature when ready to make high quality drinks.

Toggle Switches with Indicator Lights

There are two sturdy toggle switches, including one on/off switch and another switch letting you alternate between the brewing component and the steam wand. When the switch is in the brewing position, you may also use the hot water dispenser to make tea, hot chocolate or hot cider. Each switch has a corresponding indicator light. One light shows when the machine is on and the other light indicates when the steam wand or brewing function is ready. The light will remain on until the boiler is up to brew or steam temperature. When the light goes off you are ready to brew or steam.

Cup Warmer

Preheating your cups is essential for quality espresso. The Café Retro holds up to six espresso cups on its cup warmer, and features two rails to prevent the cups from falling. It is a passive cup warmer heated by the residual heat of the boiler.

Features & Benefits: Frothing and Hot Water

Hot Water Dispenser

An adjustable hot water dispenser makes it easy to fill any size cup for Americanos, hot chocolate or tea. There is no delay between dispensing hot water for drinks or after brewing.

Steam Wand

The Café Retro has a stainless steel steam wand that comes with an attached Maxi Cappuccino frothing tip. The tip sucks in air and injects it into the milk for quick and easy frothing. It takes just a little under a minute for this function to be ready after brewing espresso and only about 30 seconds to re-heat when steaming multiple drinks.

Features & Benefits: Care, Maintenance and Other

Water Reservoir

The removable clear plastic reservoir has a line to mark the maximum capacity. It holds 23.5 oz and is removed from the back of the machine. This amount works well for a user who has four to five cups a day. Refilling the reservoir regularly is always a good idea for making the freshest tasting coffee.

Temperature Gauge

The Café Retro has a dual temperature gauge on the front control display. This gauge allows you to view the temperature in the boiler both for brewing and steaming.

Housing Construction

The machine is constructed with a steel body with thermo proof painted metal finish. The removable drip grate is stainless steel and the drip pan is plastic.

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Misc Data
Manufacturer Espressione
Model Cafe Retro
Dimension - Width (Inches) 11
Dimension - Height (Inches) 10.5
Dimension - Depth (Inches) 14
Weight (lbs) 20
Watts 1050
Volts 110
Housing Materials Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material Plastic
Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
Power Cord Length (Inches) 36
Cup Height
Adjustable Height No
High (Inches) 3.50
One Touch cappuccino
One Touch Cappuccino No
Frothing Wand
Material Plastic
Steam Wand Style Pannarello
Wand Movement Rotating
Usable Length (Inches) 2.75
Height Off Counter (Inches) 4
Number Of Holes 1
Water Source
Reservoir Or Plumbed Reservoir
Reservoir Capacity (Oz) 24
Reservoir Material Plastic
Reservoir Removable Yes
Type Of Controls Rocker
Display Type Indicator Lights
Cup Warmer
Material Plastic
Size (Inches) 9.75 x 7.25
Passive / Active Passive
Portafilter Data
Material Chrome Plated Brass
Type Pressurized
Weight (Lbs) Pod- .36, Basket- .42
Diameter (Millimeter) 58
Commercial Filter Baskets Included Single, ESE Pod & Double Shot
Tamper Size (Millimeter) 58
Boiler Data
Number Of Boilers 1
Brew Boiler Data
Brew Boiler Watts 1050
Brew boiler Volume (Oz) 24
Brew Boiler Material Aluminum
Pump Data
Pump Type Vibration
Pump Wattage 52
Maximum Pressure (Bar) 18
Self Priming Pump Yes
Initial Heat Up (Seconds) 2.8 Mins
Recommended Heat Up Time (Seconds) 7 Mins
Brew Temp (F) (2 Oz Shot In Paper Cup) 177
Brew Time for 2 Oz 25
Brew Temp (F) (8 Oz Shot In Paper Cup) 175
Time To Produce Steam (Seconds) 10
Time To Steam 8 Oz Milk (Seconds) 10
Hot Water Temp 8 Oz (F) 181
Hot Water Time 8 Oz (Seconds) 32
Hot Water Recovery Time (Seconds) 0
Sound Level - Brewing (Db) 63
Descaler Used Urnex Cleancaf
Country Of Manufacture China
NSF Certified No
Recommended Applications Home
Service provided
Repairs By Espressione
Contact Number 211-439-1700

Question & Answers

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Recent questions
Garrett asked:
posted on Aug 12, 2013 08:35PM

Question by Garrett D.

I see you emailed a manual to someone last year, (kelli kelly), and I have the same problem as that user. Could you possibly email me a copy of the manual as well so I can hopefully ameliorate the problem as well? Thanks!
Maggie aswered:
I have sent this manual to the Yahoo account that we have on file for you. We don't have a whole lot of information on the Espressione machines, so if that doesn't help, we would suggest calling Espressione directly at 1-201-439-1700.

Ron asked:
posted on Mar 01, 2013 12:16PM

Question by Ron J.

I'm trying to replace the group gasket on my Espressione Cafe Retro machine can someone tell me how that is done. looked online and it said that a screw needs to be removed underneath the filter. I have the gasket and I see where it is supposed to go, I just can't figure out how to remove the old...
Sanfam aswered:
Unfortunately, we do not support Espressione products. For this type of issue, please contact the importer directly. They can be found at .

Jack asked:
posted on Feb 18, 2006 04:09AM

Question by Jack M.

Is this machine pump operated...I see no mention of type or strength of pump.
Whole Latte Love aswered:
The Cafe Retro is a pump driven machine. The pump is capable of producing 18 BAR, but like all other espresso machines, is set to brew between 8 and 9 BAR.


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