Fetco Extractor 3 Gallon Iced Tea Brewer

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Suitable Environment

UL Certification Mark NSF Certification Mark

Suitable Environment

For business settings with a demand for tea, Fetco has designed the Extractor 3 Gallon Iced Tea Brewer. This large capacity brewer can brew up to 6 full batches per hour, making it a great fit for high traffic environments such as convention centers, hotel lobbies and corporate venues.


Brewing with the Extractor Iced Tea Brewer could not be easier, with a “Start” button to begin the brewing cycle and a “Stop” button to end it manually if needed. The brew basket must be inserted properly for the Extractor to begin brewing, so it’s virtually error-proof. Programming the brewer is slightly more complicated, as it requires the panel behind the dispenser to be removed. The programming setup is moderately simple to operate, but it is recommended that users follow the product manual to change the factory settings. More complex diagnostic tools can also be accessed through the programming buttons, and testing each of the machine’s components is easy enough to be performed by most users after a brief training session.



  • The 3 Gallon Iced Tea Brewer is compatible with a range of Fetco tea dispensers and airpots, including the ITD-30, which has a removable liner for easy cleaning.
  • The Extractor Iced Tea Brewer features an efficiently designed 3-button control panel for fast 1-touch brewing from start to finish.
  • With the largest brewing volume in the Extractor product line, the 3 Gallon Iced Tea Brewer can brew up to 6 full batches per hour.
  • All of our Extractor brewers are plumbable, so the water tank is always full and ready to brew.
  • This Fetco Iced Tea Brewer is equipped with various programmable settings to give you complete control over the size, temperature and taste of each batch.
  • NSF and UL approvals ensure compliance with health regulations.
  • Dimensions:
    • 34”H x 13”W x 20”D

Feature Details

Thermal Dispenser Compatibility

Fetco provides a line of thermal dispensers and airpots specifically designed for use with the 3 Gallon Iced Tea Brewer, including the ITD-30. The ITD-30 3-Gallon Iced Tea Dispenser provides maximum temperature stability for hot or cold tea, and features a dishwasher-safe removable liner for trouble-free cleaning.

Programming Options

Since the Extractor Iced Tea Brewer features a front control panel designed for simplicity, all programming options are found behind the front panel. This Fetco brewer has a range of programmable options, including temperature and brew volume adjustments, extraction percentage and dilution settings. Plus, the Tea Brewer is equipped with Fetco’s pulse brew feature, which can be adjusted to provide a more thorough extraction by varying the flow of water over the tealeaves.

Advanced Settings and Diagnostics

The Fetco Iced Tea Brewer provides built in test programs to ensure the machine is functioning properly. Diagnostic settings can be accessed through the programming buttons, allowing you to test the water level, tank temperature and the brew switch. You can also use the diagnostic tools to check the brew basket and dispenser sensors, display recent error messages or perform a relay test.

Brew Basket

To improve the flavor and temperature stability of each batch, the Extractor Iced Tea Brewer features a stainless steel gourmet brew basket that is durable and easily transferred to and from the brewer. The Extractor also comes with a built in brew basket sensor to protect users from brewing mishaps. If the brew basket is not seated properly, the brewer will not brew until it is replaced correctly.


Daily Maintenance

  • Between each brewing cycle, it is recommended that you empty and rinse out the brew basket to provide the best possible extraction for the next batch.
  • The exterior of the Extractor Iced Tea Brewer should be wiped with a clean damp cloth on a daily basis to remove residue. It is especially important to clean the panel above the brew basket, as tea residue can accumulate rapidly in this area and become difficult to clean after long periods of time.
  • Each dispenser should be rinsed out with hot water at the end of each day, and for dispensers with removable liners it is important to clean the liner thoroughly with a commercial sanitizer. To preserve the quality of the dispenser liner, be sure not to use metal or abrasive cleaning tools that may cause damage or scratch the liner.

Periodic Maintenance

  • To remove water sediments and tea buildup, you should remove the spray plate every few days for a thorough cleaning. Fetco recommends a wooden toothpick to ensure each of the spray plate’s water holes are free from residue, but be sure not to use metal as it can cause damage.



Electrical installation is a very simple process, and only requires that you plug the Extractor Iced Tea Brewer into a compatible 120v outlet. However, to install the plumbing to code, we recommend a professional installation. You may also want to consult with your plumber or contractor as well as your code enforcement officer on the following installation guidelines (found in the product manual) at the time of purchase.

Product Manual

Download PDF Here

Electrical Specifications

  • 120 volt (plug included)
    • 20 Amp

Plumbing Requirements

  • Cold Water Supply Only
  • Water Inlet: 3/8 Male Flare
  • Water Pressure: 20-75 psig
  • Flow Rate: 1.5 gpm

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