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Suitable Environment

UL Certification Mark NSF Certification Mark

Suitable Environment

A more compact, sleek alternative to bulky commercial coffee makers, the Extractor 3-Liter Coffee Brewer incorporates intelligence and style with the portability of smaller servers and airpots. With an 11 batch-per-hour production level from each brewing station, the Extractor can brew into lightweight servers and airpots that can be placed throughout hotels, restaurants or catering environments to provide hours of hot coffee.


Programming and operating the Extractor is a moderately simple procedure, and can be learned in just a few short trials. The control panel layout features clearly labeled brewing buttons and an easy-to-read display screen. Brewing is very simple, and once programmed, the Extractor can brew at the press of a button. However, the Extractor also features advanced settings for troubleshooting and maintenance, which will require that users read the product manual for detailed system information.



  • The Extractor 3-Liter Brewer can be purchased in single or dual brewing stations to suit the needs of your business.
  • This Fetco commercial coffee brewer is compatible with the Fetco 1.9-liter Stainless Steel-Lined Server as well as the Fetco 3-liter airpot.
  • The Extractor features 2 programmable brewing buttons that let you customize small and large batches, while the Dual Extractor has 4 programmable brewing buttons to double your batch options.
  • With an 11 batch-per-hour capability, the Extractor can continiously fill a variety of airpots and servers.
  • This Fetco coffee brewer features a programmable hot water switch, which can be disabled during the brewing cycle to preserve heat.
  • Like all of our Extractor models, the 3-Liter is fully plumbable, so it can brew repeatedly without manual refills.
  • NSF and UL approvals ensure compliance with health regulations.
  • Dimensions:
    • Single Brewing Station: 26”H x 14”W x 22”D
    • Dual Brewing Stations: 26”H x 24”W x 22”D

Feature Details

Thermal Dispenser Compatibility

The 3-Liter Extractor is compatible with Fetco’s lightweight servers and airpots including the 1.9-liter Stainless Steel-Lined Server and 3-liter airpot. These easy-to-transport servers give you the flexibility to choose the size and style you need for your business environment.

Programming Options

Along with 2 programmable brewing buttons per brewing station, the Extractor features a display screen to guide you through operation. The top brewing button can be programmed for large portion batches, and the bottom brewing button can be programmed for smaller portion batches.

In addition, the Extractor features programmable temperatures from 180-208° Fahrenheit as well as several flavor enhancements such as bypass percentage and adjustable pre-infusion time and quantity. The hot water controls are also programmable, allowing you to enable it for use at anytime, or you can disable it during the brewing cycle to conserve heat.

Advanced Settings and Diagnostics

The Extractor also has several safety features to test the machine’s components. Some of these advanced diagnostic tools include a water level probe, brew basket sensor, water temperature gauge, flow rate sensor and a keypad and relay test feature. Along with diagnostics, the Extractor’s advanced control settings let you choose whether you’d like to display quantities in gallons or liters and display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Brew Basket Safety Sensor

As an added safety feature, the Extractor has a built-in brew basket safety lock to avoid accidental removal of the basket when its in use. The Extractor will engage the lock while brewing, and this feature can be programmed to stay locked from 30 seconds up to 6 minutes after the brewing cycle has been completed.

Electrical Options

Each 120v machine comes with an electrical cord and plug. For machines with other voltages, only a terminal block is provided for connecting power wires. The Extractor can be customized with the following options.

  • Single Brewing Station:
    • 120v/220v
    • Single phase/20amp
  • Dual Brewing Station:
    • 220v
    • Single Phase/30amp


Daily Maintenance

  • To maintain the freshest coffee, it is recommended that you remove and empty the brew basket and rinse it thoroughly after each use.
  • Though the Extractor requires very little maintenance, it is important to rinse out each server and airpot with hot water at the end of each day.

Periodic Maintenance

  • In addition to daily maintenance, you should wipe away coffee residue from the spray disc every few days. Cleaning the spray disc regularly will ensure the Extractor can perform up to its maximum capabilities.



This Fetco commercial coffee brewer will require a professional installation, which we can arrange for you at the time of purchase. Prior to installation, you will need to submit the electrical and plumbing requirements (both found in the product manual) to a general contractor, electrician, or plumber as well as your code enforcement officer to ensure the compliance of your facility with the needs of this espresso coffee maker. You may also want to go over this information with your electrician or contractor prior to purchase, as you will need to select your voltage and wattage preferences at the time of purchase.

Product Manual

Download PDF Here

Electrical Specifications

  • Single Brewing System:
    • 120 volt (plug included)
    • 20 amp
  • Dual Brewing System:
    • 220 volt (plug NOT included)
    • 30 amp

Plumbing Requirements

  • Water Inlet: 3/8 Male Flare
  • Water Pressure: 20-75 psig
  • Flow Rate:
    • Single Brewing Station- ¼ gpm
    • Dual Brewing Station- ½ gpm

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