Sinfonia Additional Year Preventative Maint. Prog.

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The Sinfonia Additional Year Preventative Maintenance Program includes 2 scheduled visits by certified technicians that provide a brew group rebuild, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment as well as replacement of o-rings, rubber springs, gear motor, scraper ring, piston, and more.


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Program Details

Every business wants to avoid unforeseen problems that can arise when machines need to be fixed. Profits are lost, customers aren’t happy, and employees must attempt to compensate for a broken machine. The Franke Sinfonia Preventative Maintenance Program offers visits by trained technicians to ensure your machine is running at the top of its game.
Please note that you should always consult with your plumber or contractor, as well as your code enforcement officer, before installation of these commercial machines. Please refer to the Installation Policy Page for more information.

The Franke Sinfonia Additional Year Preventative Maintenance Program features 2 visits by certified technicians that include:

  • Visit 1
    • Lubrication & Adjustment
    • Replacement of o-rings
    • Water conditioning system cartridge replacement
    • Rubber spring replacement
    • Cleaning inside and out
  • Visit 2
    • Brew group rebuild
    • Cleaning
    • Lubrication & adjustment
    • Replacement of o-rings
    • Rubber spring replacement
    • Gear motor replacement
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