Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine $1649.00 Reg: $2999.00
Gaggia Classic and Rocky Doser Gaggia Classic and Rocky Doser $764.98 Reg: $864.98
Gaggia Baby Class and MDF Pack Gaggia Baby Class and MDF Pack $549.00 Reg: $798.00
Say "I Brew" Gift Pack Say "I Brew" Gift Pack $545.00 Reg: $802.91
Gaggia Unica Espresso Machine Gaggia Unica Espresso Machine $499.00 Reg: $699.00
Gaggia Evolution & MDF Bar Gaggia Evolution & MDF Bar $462.00 Reg: $607.00
Gaggia Baby Twin Gaggia Baby Twin $399.00 Reg: $599.00
Gaggia Baby Class Gaggia Baby Class $375.00 Reg: $499.00

"Gaggia Espresso Machines and Coffee Grinders; Constantly evolving tradition…"

Italian pioneer Achille Gaggia has been hailed as the Father of the Modern Espresso Machine. He invented the first lever piston espresso machine in 1948, forever changing the world of espresso brewing.

He was driven by passion and inspiration, and the current developers at Gaggia are no different. Their dedication to their craft has allowed the renowned Gaggia name to dominate the market and retain its position as the number 1 manufacturer of home espresso machines in Italy.

With its well known history of invention, Gaggia has perfected all of its espresso machines including Super Automatics such as the Gaggia Titanium and the New Gaggia Platinum series and semi-automatics such as the Gaggia Classic and the Gaggia Baby Twin.

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