Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher

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A frothing (steaming) pitcher is a necessity for anybody making espresso-based drinks. All of our pitchers are constructed of quality stainless steel and come in four different sizes. The smaller 12oz pitcher works great for some of the Super Automatic machines with short wands such as the Jura or Capresso models. The 20oz pitcher is the most popular pitcher for home use, since it fits nicely under most steam wands and is large enough to produce enough froth for two drinks. The larger 24oz and 33oz pitchers easily serve up to four drinks. The 24oz pitcher has a bell shaped design to improve the rolling action needed for good froth production. The 24oz and 33oz pitchers are recommended only for commercial-style semi-automatic machines with plenty of steam power.

Tip: The colder the better! Always use fresh cold milk. A cold pitcher helps as well. Keep your empty pitcher in the fridge.

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Patrick asked:
posted on Jan 26, 2013 01:37PM

Question by Patrick G.

i have a Gaggia Brera which size frothing pitcher works best for this model? Thanks
A aswered:
Patrick, The size we suggest for most people is a 20oz pitcher. It's big enough for about 2 drinks work of milk, and isn't so large that getting it under the steam wand is an issue.