Gaggia Decaffeinated Espresso ESE Pods

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Looking for a delicious, intense, decaffeinated espresso? Gaggia has just what you’re looking for in the Gaggia Decaffeinated Espresso ESE Pods. Now offering a decaffeinated blend that is every bit as smooth and creamy as their regular, this coffee is prepared with the most modern coffee decaffeinating methods allowing a lower caffeine count, but preserving the beans natural qualities. This coffee has a smooth taste with a delightful bouquet and aroma that will please the most discerning espresso drinker. Available in ground or E.S.E. pods.

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Flavor Notes
Aroma Notes Mild
Taste Notes Sweet & smooth
Finish Notes Sweet, mildly astringent
Palate Notes Light body
Roast Profile
Roast Profile Medium Light, City
Best For Brewing
Espresso ESE Pod
Coffee Condition
Single Serve Yes
Coffee State
Decaffeinated Yes
Coffee Packaging
Container ESE Pod
Container Size Box of 20 ESE Pods
Coffee Type
Blend Yes
Coffee Origin
Where Roasted Italy
Country Imported From Italy

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