Group Valve (Gaggia Espresso Deluxe, Evolution, Coffee)

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Recent questions
Gus Grissom asked:
posted on Jul 30, 2014 07:56AM

Part for Gaggia

Will the Brewing Valve 5,5 Bar Assy work with a Gaggia Espresso Deluxe?
Erik aswered:
Please contact our technical support department at 1-888-411-5282 option 3 in regards to this question. A question like this would be handled by our technical support department.  Please contact them at 1-888-411-5282 option 3 and they can assist you. - See more at:... more
mike aswered:
will this Brew valve 5.5 Bar assy. work with a 'coffee Gaggia' espresso machine

Dave asked:
posted on Jul 01, 2014 10:30AM

Gaggia Evolution?

Hi, Can you please confirm this is for a Gaggia Evolution Coffe machine? Thanks.
techkathy aswered:
That is definitely for the Gaggia Evolution.  The spring and rubber valve seat are on the inside.