Refurbished Gaggia Platinum Swing Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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PLEASE NOTE: The refurbished Gaggia Platinum Swing does not include the pictured Gaggia Milk Island


Save more with a Refurbished Gaggia Platinum Swing Super-Automatic Espresso Machine. Note: Image shows a milk island that does NOT come with the refurbished machine, it must be purchased separately, or include it here with an IDeal.

The Gaggia Platinum Swing has a simple exterior, underscoring the impressive technology housed within. This model from Gaggia uses Rapid Steam Technology to provide ample power when switching back and forth between brewing and steaming. The boiler is made of stainless steel for ultimate heat retention and durability, and steam from the boiler can be used with a Gaggia Milk Island to make automatic cappuccinos and lattes.

Programming comes in the form of a click wheel similar to the one you use to program your iPod. Move your finger around the click wheel to scroll through options, which are displayed on the digital LCD screen above the circle. This digital LCD screen ensures that you’re always aware of programming options and what’s going on inside the machine, making the Gaggia Platinum Swing a straightforward machine no matter how much experience you have with super automatics.

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Part Part Number Page/Index
Water tank assembly, does not include body panel 11002017 1/2
Water tank outlet valve spring 11003672 1/2
Water tank outlet valve seat 11003673 1/2
Water tank outlet valve seal, rubber 11003671 1/2
Water tank outlet valve cover 11001298 1/2
Water tank lid, clear plastic 11001668 1/2
Bean Hopper lid with Magnet for Platinum Series 11007195 1/2
Steam Knob for Platinum, Silver 11007232 1/2
Front panel for Platinum Vogue, Silver 11007207 1/2
Bypass doser cover for All Platinum Models Except Vogue 11004799 1/2
Top panel for with Black Bean Hopper, Silver 11007173 1/2
3 Prong Power Socket, Molex 12000280 1/2
Main Power Switch, DPST 120V 11007060 1/2
Right side housing for Platinum, Silver 11007174 1/2
Wheel for Platinum or Unica 11000223 1/2
Plug for Milk Island port for Platinum - need o-ring 140321461 11003821 1/2
Brew Unit Door Inside Cover Panel 11005046 1/2
Dreg Drawer with Magnet for Platinum and Unica 11003533 1/2
Removable Side Drip Tray Drawer, Silver 11007177 1/2
Power Board 120V for Platinum 11003968 1/2
Display plate for Platinum Swing, Black and Silver 11006025 1/2
LCD Display 120V 12000164 1/2
Cotter Pin, Retaining Clip for D4 Tube 9011.144 1/2
Fast lock connector for coffee dispenser 11002130 1/2
Drip Tray Support for Manual Tray, Platinum 11004795 1/2
Drip Tray Grid, Stainless Steel for Platinum 11004773 1/2
Chrome Plated Drip Tray Frame for Platinum 11007213 1/2
Lower Drip Tray Frame for Vogue, Silver 11008883 1/2
Steam Arm Ball Joint, Left Side 11007189 1/2
Steam Arm Ball Joint, Right Side 11006922 1/2
Hand grip for pannarello wand, black rubber for Platinum Brera Unica 11007194 1/2
Pannarello Wand, Stainless Outer Sleeve 11001621 1/2
Electrical Socket for Platinum Milk Island 11000465 1/2
Support for Steam wand ball joint, SS 4332055000 1/2
O-Ring, Food Safe EPDM 108 70 SH 12001613 1/2
Piston for Steam Valve, Chromed Brass, No O-Rings 11004134 1/2
TAP ELECTRONIC CARD G0053 ASSY. 11007569 1/2
High-Limit Thermostat, 175C Fail Point 12001034 1/2
Blowdown valve kit 20000591 1/2
Blowdown valve connector assembly 20000592 1/2
Pump outlet elbow, black plastic 11001054 1/2
ULKA PUMP EAP5/S 120V-60HZ 12000142 1/2
Flowmeter, 932-8521/90 12000781 1/2
6 pole wire for flowmeter 11007550 1/2
Crinkle Washer, Steel 21.8x14.0x0.25 128381800 1/2
GEN.MOTOR COF.GRINDER V2 P0049 120V ASSY 11007417 1/2
Washer white Mylar for brew unit motor 9161.132 1/2
Motor mount 9121.044 1/2
Brew Unit Drive Motor, 120V 11005214 1/2
Black cover for boiler spout and brew group gear 11001312 1/2
Screw, TSP Torx 10 3.5X12 for Plastic, Zn-B 129914102 1/2
Brew Unit with SBS, 8g for Platinum 11005921 1/2

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