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Recent questions
Brad S. asked:
posted on Sep 12, 2014 01:28AM

Latte Art Wand

Do you have an update on the availability of the latte art panarello wand?
Erik aswered:
We do not unfortunately.  We have not received any indication from Gaggia whether or not these Latte Art wands are even going to be produced any longer.  I am sorry I don't have any more information for you at this time

Hal asked:
posted on Jul 22, 2014 02:36AM

Latte Art pannarello and backflushing

I nave 2 questions, 1. Therer are some references to a Latte Art pannarello in your videos and on the gaggiaUSA site - How can i obtain one? 2. I have heard that Gaggia espresso machines should not be backflushed. True or false? If true - why?
Erik aswered:
The Latte Art Wand is currently on backorder and we have not ETA for it at this point.  The Gaggia Machines are not recommended to be be backflushed due to the smaller opening in the three way solenoid valve.

C@ff8nated asked:
posted on Jun 16, 2014 08:50AM

Will this fit the Gaggia Accademia?

Hi, Will this fit the Gaggia Accademia? I wonder if this will fit the Accademia and if Yes, is it as simple as just unscrewing the original wand and putting the new one? - Thanks in Advance -
Louis-Jordan aswered:
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately the Accademia uses a completely different style of wand than most of the other Gaggia machines, so this wand will not fit on this unit. The are not any other available attachments that would fit this unit either.