Gaggia Single Drawer Base

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The Single Drawer Base by Gaggia is the perfect compliment to any of the Gaggia Machines and Grinders. It keeps both the espresso machine and grinder together on a stable platform and provides a pull out drawer with a wooden dowel for knocking the coffee grounds out of the filter. Available in Black.

Dimensions – Width: 17”, Depth: 12”, Height at highest point: 3 ½”, Height at lowest point: 1”

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Question & Answers

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Recent questions
KL asked:
posted on Mar 01, 2014 03:35PM

gaggia classic and baratza preciso

Hi, will the gaggia classic and baratza preciso fit on this drawer base? thanks
Erik aswered:
This base is designed to fit the Gaggia MDF and the Baraztza grinders unfortunately do not fit.
Louis-Jordan aswered:
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately no, the Preciso will not fit on this machine. The base is designed specifically to fit the shape of the bottom of the MDF.

philip asked:
posted on Jan 23, 2013 09:59PM

Question by philip f.

would a rancilio rocky fit on a gaggia base
mjackson aswered:
Phiilip, It would only fit on the larger part. It woudl not fit where the Gaggia MDF grinder is designed to go. It is a wider and deeper then the MDF. I hope this helps.

Michael asked:
posted on Jan 10, 2013 05:55PM

Question by Michael T.

What are the dimensions on this? Can it be configured so that the grinder go on the right side of the machine vs the left?
mjackson aswered:
Michael, Here are the dimensions – Width: 17”, Depth: 12”, Height at highest point: 3 ½”, Height at lowest point: 1” Unfortunately you cant change the configuration. The Gaggia MDF grinder is made to fit best on the left side of the base. I hope this helps and thanks for the question.