Hamilton Beach Rio Bar Blender

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Suitable Environment

UL Certification Mark NSF Certification Mark

Suitable Environment

The Hamilton Beach Rio Blender can blend any 16 oz icy drink, such as a margarita, smoothie, or daiquiri, in just 20 seconds. Featuring Hamilton Beach’s Wave Action system, the Rio creates beverages without the large chunks of ice many blenders can leave behind. It’s also great for restaurants that want to make fresh salsa, dips, and sauces. A sturdy, high-powered design makes the Rio an ideal addition for any small café or restaurant making 15-24 blended beverages a day.


The Hamilton Beach Rio makes blending simple and easy, so employees will need very little training, if any. There are 2 switches on the front of the machine that control On/Off function, speed levels, and pulse control. The switch on the right turns the machine on and off and when turned to “Pulse,” it blends at the selected speed for as long as you hold it there. The switch on the left controls the speed level and you can choose from High (20,000 RPM) or Low (16,000 RPM) settings.



  • The Rio is available with your choice of a 44 oz break-resistant polycarbonate container or a durable 32 oz stainless steel container.
  • A ½ horsepower motor provides ample power and torque to blend heavy mixtures into perfectly smooth icy drinks.
  • The Rio offers 2 different blending speeds as well as a pulse switch for optimal blending.
  • 4 cutting and mixing stainless steel blades provide durable and consistent blending.
  • The Rio’s Wave Action system continually forces the mixture down into the blades for a blend that is always consistent.
  • Sure Grip feet on the base hold the blender securely in place.
  • NSF and UL approvals ensure compliance with health regulations.
  • Dimensions
    • 16”H x 6.5”W x 8”D

Feature Details

Wave Action System

Hamilton Beach specially designed their blades and containers to ensure a smooth blend every time. The mixture in the blender is directed down toward the blades rather than just being spun around the sides of the container, so no ice chunks are left behind.

Durable Stainless Steel Blades

Each of the 4 stainless steel blades is designed with a different angle and shape to improve the Rio’s mixing speed and efficiency. This unique design means you can create a 16 oz blended ice beverage in just 20 seconds.

Two Speed Controls and Pulse Option

Easy-to-use controls mean anyone can create a delicious drink in just seconds. With high and low settings as well as a pulse option, drinks can be made specifically to taste.

Heavy-duty Container

The blender’s container is available in 2 varieties to accommodate the needs of different commercial environments. The break-resistant polycarbonate container holds up to 44 oz, and features an easy-to-read level gauge to ensure proper measurements. For added convenience, Hamilton Beach’s clear polycarbonate containers are stackable to save counterspace. The optional 32 oz stainless steel container provides added style and durability, and also provides measurement markings for optimal blending levels.


Daily Maintenance

  • Do not allow food or drink mixtures to dry on the machine, as damage can be done to the blades and internals when restarted. To clean the container, remove it from the base and scrub it using a solution of hot water and detergent that is not too sudsy
  • It is important to clean the blades frequently throughout the day. To clean the blades, fill the container with the water and detergent solution while on the base. Run it on high speed for 2 minutes, pour out the solution, and then refill it with clean water and run it again to rinse.
  • After each use, the cover lid, filler cap, and base should be wiped down with a soft cloth or sponge that is dampened with the cleaning solution. Do not rinse or immerse the base in water because it contains electrical components that can be damaged by direct exposure to water.



The Rio does not require a professional installation and can be set up on any dry, level surface. Simply plug the blender into a compatible 120-volt outlet away from water and it is ready to operate.

Product Manual

Download PDF Here

Electrical Specifications

  • 120 VAC
    • 13 Amps

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