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Take your favorite coffee with you, wherever you go, with the Handpresso Wild DomePod. A portable espresso machine that allows you to use ground coffee, the Handpresso Wild DomePod is in a class of its own.

To brew the perfect espresso, begin by manually pumping the Handpresso up to 16 bar of pressure to create the optimal brewing environment. Then, just add boiling water and seven grams of ground coffee to extract a fresh shot of espresso. Clean up is just as simple, remove your DomePod from the Handpresso and apply pressure to the screen to release the puck; rinse under water and you’re done!

Keep in mind, you should not use detergents or alcohol to clean a Handpresso and you never have to descale! However, the Hanpresso Wild DomePod is not microwave safe.

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Jun 29, 2010 03:41PM
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