Illy Lungo iperEspresso Medium Roast Espresso Capsules

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The patented Illy iperEspresso Lungo Capsules use a two-step extraction process to deliver fresh, great tasting drinks. Each capsule has been carefully measured, ground and packaged to brew a long espresso (approximately 2 ounces). Illy iperEspresso Lungo Capsules have a rich medium roast and are cIlly Lungo iperEspresso Medium Roast Espresso Capsulesompatible with the Gaggia for Illy Plus and FrancisFrancis! X7. Each can contains 21 Lungo capsules.

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Roast Profile
Roast Profile Medium
Best For Brewing
Espresso Yes
Coffee Condition
Single Serve Yes
Coffee State
Regular Caffeine Yes
Coffee Packaging
Container Box
Container Size 21 Capsules
Coffee Type
Blend Yes
Coffee Origin
Where Roasted Italy
Country Imported From Italy

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