J Martinez Hawaiian Kona Dark Roast

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The smoothness of this Hawaiian Kona will leave you thirsting for more. Kona is considered the best bean grown in Hawaii and is one of the most sought after coffees in the world. Harvested on the slopes of the Honaunau Estates overlooking the Pacific, this Kona is known for its easygoing nature and superior taste. Kona is a coffee created by a relatively new method known as wet-processing. This process is often used for coffees known for their acidity, resulting in a cleaner, brighter brew. Generally a coffee with higher acidity, this roast by J. Martinez offers a more subtle experience. The nutty fragrance sensed from the moment you grind reflects the primary flavor immersed in this coffee. Meanwhile, the medium body settles nicely in your mouth. Kona will satisfy those who desire a sharpness that lingers but want to avoid that burnt coffee taste. This whole bean coffee is available in medium or dark roast and comes packaged in gift boxes.

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