Jura-Capresso Espresso Classic Luxe

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The Jura-Capresso Espresso Classic Luxe features a stainless steel ThermoBlock heating element and 18-bar pump. In combination with the pressurized portafilter handle, a good espresso is never difficult to achieve. The art nouveau design is reflective of the highly successful Espresso Pro machine. Differentiating the two machines is the frothing attachments. The Espresso Classic Luxe utilizes Jura-Capresso’s patented dual-action steam wand and best of all there is no purging necessary after frothing. The separate high speed water setting extends the flexibility of this machine, allowing the creation of Americano’s, tea, hot cocoa , and more in just 30 seconds. Includes two filter baskets (one & two shot) and a pod filter basket. Available in chrome.

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Misc Data
Manufacturer Jura-Capresso
Dimension - Width (Inches) 13
Dimension - Height (Inches) 10.5
Dimension - Depth (Inches) 10
Weight (lbs) 9
Watts 1200
Volts 110
Housing Materials ABS Plastic
Drip Tray Material ABS Plastic
Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
Cup Height
Adjustable Height No
High (Inches) 3.25
One Touch cappuccino
One Touch Cappuccino No
Frothing Wand
Material Stainless Steel
Steam Wand Style Dual Frother
Wand Movement Rotating
Usable Length (Inches) 4
Height Off Counter (Inches) 3.5
Number Of Holes 1
Water Source
Reservoir Or Plumbed Reservoir
Reservoir Capacity (Oz) 40
Reservoir Material Plastic
Reservoir Removable Yes
Water Level Visible Yes
Type Of Controls Rocker/ Dial
Portafilter Data
Material Aluminum
Type Pressurized
Quantity Included 1
Weight (Lbs) .3
Diameter (Millimeter) 54
Commercial Filter Baskets Included No
Pressurized Filter Baskets Included Yes
Ground, E.S.E. Pod And Capsule Compatible Ground & ESE Pod
Bottomless Portafilter Available No
Tamper Size (Millimeter) 54
Brew Group
Preheat No
Capsule / Pod Friendly Yes
Boiler Data
Number Of Boilers 1
Brew Boiler Data
Brew Boiler Watts 1140
Brew boiler Volume (Oz) 2.36
Pump Data
Pump Type Vibration
Pump Wattage 60
Maximum Pressure (Bar) 18
Self Priming Pump Yes
Recommended Heat Up Time (Seconds) 240
Time To Steam 8 Oz Milk (Seconds) 90
Hot Water Temp 8 Oz (F) 160
Hot Water Time 8 Oz (Seconds) 20
Sound Level - Brewing (Db) 75
Maintenance Alerts No
Descaler Used Urnex Cleancaf
Warranty (Years) 1
Country Of Manufacture Switzerland
NSF Certified No
Recommended Applications Home
Service provided
Repairs By Jura-Capresso
Contact Number 800-767-3554

Question & Answers

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Recent questions
Ruth asked:
posted on Mar 09, 2006 07:49PM

Question by Ruth H.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Capresso Espresso Classic? I dropped the water tank on the floor today and cracked it.
Whole Latte Love aswered:
This and all replacement parts are available through Capresso by either following the link below to their website or by calling them at 800-767-3554.

SHARON asked:
posted on Jan 07, 2006 02:36PM

Question by SHARON B.

I have a Capresso and I can't find my book!
Whole Latte Love aswered:
You can download a copy of the instruction manual directly from Capresso’s website by following the link below. If you’d like a hard copy of the manual, please call Capresso at 800-767-3554.

Murray asked:
posted on Oct 31, 2005 08:31AM

Question by Murray S.

Can the frothing attachment on the wand be removed so there is just a plain stainless nozzle that can be used for frothing?
Whole Latte Love aswered:
There isn’t a plain stainless nozzle underneath the Dual Frother, so although you an remove it for cleaning, etc., what you’re looking for won’t be there. Keep in mind though, that the Dual Frother isn’t an auto-frothing attachment. It’s simply a frothing aid that makes it easier to create... more