Jura-Capresso Impressa Z6 Espresso Machine

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The Jura Capresso Z6 offers yet another dimension to luxury espresso centers with a majestic new style that is sure to impress. This Jura-Capresso espresso machine improves upon the brilliant design of the Jura-Capresso Z5 by adding a chrome-plated aluminum finish and a mirrored LED digital display to compliment the machine’s stunning capabilities. With other customized components such as an oversized drip tray with a hand-polished, die-cast zinc cover and a stainless steel thermal milk container, the Jura Capresso Z6 will truly be the highlight of any home.

If its elegant looks weren’t enough, this Jura-Capresso espresso machine features a fully integrated brewing and frothing system that can make a cappuccino or latte from start to finish without ever moving your cup. Simply press 1 of the Jura-Capresso Z6’s programmable beverage buttons to watch the 1-touch coffee system create your favorite drink in moments, and with 2 stainless steel-lined heating systems, there’s never any wait time between brewing and steaming.

The Jura-Capresso Z6 has all of the great features you’ve come to expect from high-end espresso machines, but the ease-of-use and flexibility of this Jura-Capresso espresso machine are unmatched by any competitor. The Jura-Capresso Z6’s control center can be fully customized for a number of different users, giving you the flexibility to choose between 5 coffee strengths and 3 coffee temperatures along with adjustable cup sizes and frothing times. With a host of user-friendly features to compliment its beautiful design, the Jura-Capresso Z6’s unique blend of ingenuity and extravagance makes it a perfect fit for espresso lovers of all kinds. This Jura Capresso espresso machine comes with a Clearyl water filter, a water hardness test strip, a 7 gram coffee scoop, 2 Jura-Capresso Cleaning Tablets, milk frother cleaner, and an instructional DVD.


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Getting Familiar

The control center is designed for style and simplicity.

The Z6 features 8 polished aluminum buttons surrounding the mirrored LED display. The first button on the left is called the “milk” button, which is responsible for frothing and steaming milk alone. The next button is known as the “cappuccino” button, and is capable of making coffee and milk combination drinks from start to finish. Also known as the “Special Coffee” button, the 3rd button from the left is designed to make coffee based on your personal presets, and the last button is the “hot water” button. The first 3 buttons on the left dispense liquid from the dual spout nozzle on the left side of the Z6, which can be adjusted to accommodate short and tall cups with the included attachments. There is also an adjustable dial on top of the dual spout that can be set for frothing (cappuccino), steaming (latte) or cleaning. To dispense hot water from the wand located on the right side of the central brew spout, press the “hot water” button on the control panel. On the opposite side of the LED display, from left to right, the buttons are called “1-Cup Espresso,” “2-cup espresso,” 1-cup coffee” and “2-cup coffee” and each of these buttons dispenses liquid at the central brew spout.

In addition to the 8-button control panel, the machine has controls located on the top of the machine as well. From left to right, the first button is the power button, followed by the rotary dial menu and the “rinse” button. The rotary dial menu can be used to program brew settings, activate the Clearyl filter, run cleaning cycles, program the clock, change the display to metric units and modify the auto-on and auto-off features. The rotary dial menu offers an additional feature that lets you change the names of each control button so you can choose how each appears on the LED display for different users. Using the rotary dial menu, you can modify settings as well as view the number of cups that have brewed and the number of cleaning cycles that have been completed. To rinse, use the button to the right of the rotary dial and use the button to the left to turn the power on or off. Keep in mind that the master power switch is located on the bottom left side of the machine, and must be turned on for the machine to function.

All 8 buttons on the front control panel can be programmed to dispense different liquid volumes, but a few of the buttons do not follow the same programming steps. The buttons to the right of the LED display along with the “special coffee” and “hot water” buttons can be programmed by holding them down until the LED display reads “Enough?” When you have reached your desired volume, press the corresponding button again to save your setting for that button. For the “cappuccino” and “milk” buttons, you can access the programming menu by pressing the center button on the rotary dial on top of the machine. When you’ve successfully entered the menu, the word “Filter” will appear on the LED display. Turn the rotary dial until the name of the button you are programming is displayed. For the “milk” button, turn the rotary dial until you’ve reached the length of time (in seconds) that you would like steamed or frothed milk to be dispensed. For the “cappuccino” button, you also select how long you want milk to be dispensed (in seconds) but you can determine how much coffee you’d like to be dispensed (in ounces) as well. In addition to volume, you can program each brewing button for temperature and strength by using the rotary dial menu as you would above.

You can also modify the preset coffee strength and liquid volume settings during the brewing cycle by using the rotary dial. To adjust the strength of your coffee, turn the dial before brewing. To adjust liquid volume, turn the dial as you are grinding. Keep in mind that each of these settings will revert to its original preset after you have completed the brewing cycle.

In appearance, the Z6 is characterized by its curved, chrome-plated aluminum front panel. Hidden at the base of the front panel, behind the oversized drip tray with its chrome-plated, die-cast zinc grate is the removable dump box, which can be detached along with the drip tray for easy cleanup. The bean hopper and bypass doser are both located at the top of the machine underneath the lid for easy access. Finally, the well-hidden reservoir can be found on the left side of the machine and can be removed for fast, spill-free refilling.

Getting Ready

Before you turn your machine on, there are a few things you’ll need to do.

The first step in setting up your new machine is filling the water reservoir. The Z6’s reservoir can be removed or filled in place. After your reservoir is filled and situated properly in your machine, go ahead and fill your bean hopper with your favorite beans. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adjusting your grind setting based on the darkness of your beans. Next, turn on your machine and follow the prompts on the LED display to set the clock as well as your preferred language. After completing these steps, your machine will prompt you to run a rinse cycle using the “rinse” button to the right of the rotary dial. Remember to always follow the machine’s rinsing prompts before and after your brewing cycles to ensure your machine remains as clean as possible.

If you plan on using the Clearyl Water Filtration System, do not install it until after you have completed the initial set up process. Access the rotary dial menu and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install and activate your first Clearyl filter. If you choose not to use the filtration system, you’ll need to determine the hardness of your water using the included test strip. Once you have determined the hardness of your water, use the rotary dial menu to program your machine accordingly.

Making Your Drink

Using the 1-touch coffee system couldn’t be simpler.

To prepare to make a cappuccino or latte, you’ll need to set up the included stainless steel thermal milk container. Once you’ve filled the container with milk, place the lid on it and insert the metal end of the siphon hose into the lid. Connect the other end of the hose onto the dual spout nozzle and select the appropriate setting on the adjustable dial. For cappuccinos, the dial should be set to the upright position, indicated by the cappuccino icon. The dial should be turned to the center position for lattes, indicated by the latte icon. After setting the dial to the desired position, press the “cappuccino” button on the control panel. As your machine begins to grind your beans, the dual spout will dispense frothed or steamed milk. You can adjust the amount of milk by turning the rotary dial as it is being dispensed. After the milk has been poured, the rear nozzle will begin dispensing espresso. You can adjust the amount of coffee that is being brewed by turning the rotary dial as espresso is being dispensed. Keep in mind that these adjustments won’t be saved and the machine will revert back to its original settings after the brewing cycle is complete.

To brew a shot of espresso, all you have to do is press your preferred brewing button. Choose between the 4 buttons on the right side of the LED display to brew from the central brew spout, or choose the “special coffee” button on the left side of the display to brew from the rear nozzle of the dual spout. Before brewing you can always use the rotary dial to adjust the liquid volume that will be dispensed, but in order to have your settings saved, you will need to program each button individually.

Topping it Off: Frothing and Steaming

You can use the auto cappuccino system to froth and steam independently too.

If you simply want to add frothed or steamed milk to your drink, you can do so by connecting the stainless steel thermal milk container to the dual spout nozzle as you normally would. Then, turn the dial on the dual spout to the cappuccino setting for frothed milk, or to the latte setting for steamed milk and press the “milk” button on the far left side of the control panel. Use the rotary dial or program the button independently to adjust the amount of frothed or steamed milk you want to dispense.

The Z6 is also capable of turning chocolate milk into hot chocolate. To do this, replace the stainless steel thermal container with a container filled with chocolate milk. Set the dial on the dual spout to the center position indicated by the latte icon, and attach the siphon hose as you normally would. Then, all you have to do is press the “milk” button to turn your chocolate milk into steaming hot chocolate.

Shut Down

It’s as easy as walking away.

With a programmable auto-off feature, the Z6 truly takes care of itself. You can program your machine to turn off automatically from ½ hour to 14 hours after the last brew cycle, or you can select either of the “continuous-on” or “manual off” settings to ensure the machine stays on as long as you want. To turn your machine off manually, simply use the power button on the top of your machine.

A Word About Care and Maintenance

The Z6 is programmed to tell you whenever maintenance is needed.

Thanks to a fully automated alert system, you can always rely on the Z6 to let you know if it needs cleaning or maintenance. Typically, the LED display will alert you day-to-day to empty your machine’s drip tray and dump box. After you’ve emptied and replaced these components, the machine’s internal cycle count will reset itself to 0. Be sure to follow the machine’s cleaning schedule closely, as overflow of these components could cause serious problems.

As part of your daily cleaning routine, you should also rinse the auto cappuccino system after every use. The machine will remind you to do so 10 minutes after using the “milk” or “cappuccino” buttons by displaying “CAPPU RINSE” on the LED display. To clean the cappuccino system, simply turn the dial on the dual spout to the bottom, or “steam” position and place a cup underneath the dual spout. Then, press the illuminated “rinse” button on the top of the Z6 to perform the rinse cycle. It’s also a good idea to wipe away any milk that may have accumulated on the outside of the cappuccino system after each use.

Your Z6 also has an alert system for periodic cleaning cycles in which you’ll use cleaning tablets to clean your machine’s brew group. Running the cleaning cycle is usually as simple as dropping a cleaning tablet into the bypass doser, but be sure to consult your manual for complete instructions. If you’re using the Clearyl Water Filtration System, the Z6 will also alert you when your filter should be changed. However, if you’ve chosen not to use a filter, the Z6 will let you know when it is time to run the decalcification cycle.

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Misc Data
Manufacturer Jura-Capresso
Model 13299
Dimension - Width (Inches) 12.2
Dimension - Height (Inches) 14.5
Dimension - Depth (Inches) 17.1
Weight (lbs) 32
Watts 1350
Volts 110
Housing Materials Polished Chrome/Abs Plastic
Drip Tray Material Plastic
Drip Tray Cover Material Die-Cast Zinc/Chrome
Drip Tray Capacity (Oz) 40
Drain Line Adaptable No
Spent Coffee Capacity (Dregs Drawer) 16
Easy To Rotate No
Tall Legs No
Power Cord Length (Inches) 59
Cup Height
Adjustable Height Yes
High (Inches) 4
Low (Inches) 2.5
One Touch cappuccino
One Touch Cappuccino Yes
Adjustable Froth Quality Yes
Height (Inches) 6
Separate Manual Steam Wand No
Programmable Yes
Milk Carafe Type Stainless Steel- Thermal
Self-Cleaning Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Frothing Wand
Material Plastic
Steam Wand Style Pannarello
Wand Movement 0
Usable Length (Inches) 2
Height Off Counter (Inches) 7
Optional Cappucinotore No
Number Of Holes 1
No Burn Wand No
Optional Steam Tips Or Wands No
Water Source
Reservoir Or Plumbed Reservoir
Reservoir Capacity (Oz) 96
Reservoir Material Plastic
Reservoir Removable Yes
Water Level Visible Yes
Water Filter Clearyl White
Type Of Controls Push Button/ Dial
Display Type LED
Programmable Brewing Yes
Temperature Control Yes
Adjustable Coffee Dosage Yes
Coffee Dosage Quantity 5 to 16
Cup Volume Control 1 to 16
Bypass Doser Yes
Pre-Infusion Yes
Low Water Warning Yes
Energy Savings Yes
Multiple Programmability Yes
Pressure Gauges No
Cup Warmer
Material Plastic
Size (Inches) 6X4.5
Passive / Active Passive
Brew Group
Material Plastic
Type Automatic
Preheat No
Removable No
Self-Cleaning Yes
Boiler Data
Number Of Boilers 2
Brew And Steam Simultaneously No
Rapid Steam Yes
Brew Boiler Data
Brew Boiler Type Thermoblock
Brew Boiler Watts 1350
Brew boiler Volume (Oz) Low
Brew Boiler Material Stainless Steel Lined Aluminum
Brew Boiler Heater Location External
Brew Boiler Auto Fill Yes
Insulated No
Steam Boiler Data
Insulated No
Steam Boiler Type Thermoblock
Steam Boiler Watts 1350
Steam Boiler Material Stainless Steel Lined Aluminum
Steam Boiler Heater Location External
Pump Data
Pump Type Vibration
Maximum Pressure (Bar) 18 Bar
Self Priming Pump Yes
Grinder Data
Number Of Grind Settings 6
Hopper Capacity (Oz) 10
Burr Type Conical
Burr Material Steel
Freshness Lid Yes
Initial Heat Up (Seconds) 60
Recommended Heat Up Time (Seconds) 60
Brew Temp (F) (2 Oz Shot In Paper Cup) 185
Brew Temp (F) (8 Oz Shot In Paper Cup) 173
Time To Produce Steam (Seconds) 10
Time To Steam 8 Oz Milk (Seconds) 67
Maximum Effective Frothing Duration With Stock Steam Tip (Seconds) Infinite
Hot Water Temp 8 Oz (F) 175
Hot Water Time 8 Oz (Seconds) 57
Hot Water Recovery Time (Seconds) 0
Sound Level - Brewing (Db) 56
Sound Level - Grinding (Db) 68
Maintenance Alerts Yes
Descaler Used Durgol
Water Filter Clearyl
Warranty (Years) 2
Country Of Manufacture Switzerland
NSF Certified No
Recommended Applications Home
Available Internationally No
Service provided
Repairs By Jura-Capresso
Contact Number 800-767-3554

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