Refurbished Jura-Capresso ENA 9 One-Touch Espresso Machine

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PLEASE NOTE: The Refurbished Jura-Capresso Ena 9 is currently out of stock. For a comparable alternative, please see the Refurbished Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machine.

The ENA 9 is Jura-Capresso ’s thinnest one-touch espresso machine to date. Measuring just 9”Wx14”Hx17.5”D, this super-automatic beverage center offers full grinding, tamping, brewing and steaming capabilities. The controls and interface are organized and easy to operate. Espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and other specialty beverages can be prepared and dispensed at the touch of a button. Innovative Fine Foam and the Aroma Boost features make the ENA 9 a functional and versatile machine, perfect for any home.

This unit is Jura-Capresso’s first consumer machine to come with a height-adjustable dual coffee spout, allowing it to accommodate 3-5” cups. The Jura-Capresso ENA 9 is also an iF (International Forum) Design Award winner. The top and front panels feature a glossy double coat of silver lacquer, while the sides have been finished in Piano Black. This machine also has eye-catching chrome-plated finishes.

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Recent questions
Lana asked:
posted on Oct 04, 2013 01:12PM

Question by Lana M.

I want to buy this for my daughter for Christmas. When does the 1 year waranty begin?
mjackson aswered:
we will start offering Holiday warranty's soon and they will start so your gift will be warrantied starting Dec. 25th for a year

Marta asked:
posted on Sep 19, 2013 03:40PM

Question by Marta B.

What kinde of coffee I should use? It's important to me make coffe from ground coffee, thank you
Pong123 aswered:
I would advise testing a few different ones. I like German coffee so I go to World Market or even TJ Maxx and can pick up beans for just trying. I would recommend that you don't try anything that is a flavored bean as it might cause gumming or problems. Flavor with syrups which WLL has a good... more
ShaneAncefsky-Sales aswered:
Thank you for the question. This is a great question. This will really depend on the results you are looking for. If your looking for a bold cup of coffee. Look for dark roasts for a bold cup of coffee such as Filicori for whole bean and Illy Dark Roast Fine Grind for pre-ground(For the... more

Mark asked:
posted on Aug 05, 2013 01:33PM

Question by Mark L.

does this machine come with a waranty?
mjackson aswered:
This machine does come with a warranty it is a one year warranty through Jura. It is a very good warranty for a refurbished machine.