Jura Capresso S7 Avantgarde

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Redesigning the original S7 was no easy task, but the development team at Jura Capresso has made it even easier to brew decadent espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes with the Impressa S7 Avantgarde. Jura Capresso started by giving the S7 Avantgarde a more updated control panel that relies on a simple rotary dial to program menu options rather than the large series of buttons that you needed to use on the original model. In addition, the Avantgarde model includes a frothXpress Plus auto-frothing attachment with a milk container as well as a dual-position frothing wand, so topping off your coffee is as easy as brewing.

And just how simple is brewing? Well, with a series of 4 brewing buttons that can be programmed to brew a specific liquid volume to the strength you desire – not to mention the capability to override those settings simply by using the rotary dial before brewing – let’s just say it’s as easy as it gets. The S7 Avantgarde also allows you to brew using coffee that’s ground in its internal conical burr grinder immediately after you press a brewing button or preground coffee that you’ve added to the S7’s bypass doser. Great for frequent entertainers and those of us who like to have a decaf brew at night, this choice of brewing with either freshly ground or preground coffee allows you to get exactly what you’re craving every time.

To make brewing, frothing, and even maintenance easier, the Capresso S7 Avantgarde features an LCD display on its front. This display helps to walk you through the brewing process as well as providing alerts when the 96oz reservoir or 10oz bean hopper need to be refilled, when the dump box needs to be emptied, and when you need to run a cleaning cycle. To keep this Jura Capresso espresso machine in tip-top shape, the display even lets you know when the machine needs to be descaled or, if you’ve activated the built-in Clearyl water filtration system, when to change the filter. And when used in conjunction with the rotary dial, the LCD display also allows you cycle through the S7 Avantgarde’s menu options to set the display language, auto-on and auto-off times, and choose between viewing information in milliliters or ounces, among other options.

Available in black with chrome accents, the Jura Capresso Impressa S7 Avantgarde comes complete with 1 Clearyl water filter, a bottle of milk frother cleaner, a water hardness test strip, 2 cleaning tablets, and an instructional DVD.

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Recent questions
cismith asked:
posted on Apr 14, 2007 10:18PM

Question by Carla S.

Is the only difference between the S9A and S7A the outside finish?
Whole Latte Love aswered:
Yes, the only difference between the S7 and S9 Avantgarde is the exterior. These machines have the same programming options and incredibly user friendly. Both machines also feature the Capresso FrothXpress automatic frothing attachment.