Accessory for La Spaziale - Long Steam Arm

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The Long Steam Arm for La Spaziale Vivaldi II gives the budding Barista a bit longer reach for large frothing containers. This is the same arm La Spaziale uses on their commercial S5 two, three, and four group machines.

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Recent questions
paul asked:
posted on Aug 23, 2014 02:58PM

What metal(s)?

Is this La Spaziale steam arm made of stainless-steel, or is it chrome plated? Also, the tip?
mjackson aswered:
Yes it is made of stainless steel as well as the tip.

Coffee Snob asked:
posted on Apr 23, 2014 11:06PM

upgrade gaggia

Anyone know if this can be used on a Gaggia Classic to replace the panerello wand?
Mommyto3 aswered:
yes it sure can.  
ShaneAncefsky-Sales aswered:
If you have a question doing this, We have only tested the Rancilio steam wand and found that it works.