Accessory for La Spaziale - Bottomless Portafilter & Triple Basket

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The Bottomless Portafilter & Triple Basket is custom machined from a La Spaziale portafilter and comes with a triple insert basket. The bottomless portafilter is a very useful tool for learning to correctly dose and tamp the grounds. It gives you immediate feedback concerning channeling and fracturing of the puck.  The Bottomless Portafilter & Triple Basket fits all commercial La Spaziale machines as well as the Vivaldi II and the MIni Vivaldi II.

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Recent questions
Jim asked:
posted on Jul 17, 2013 10:54AM

Question by Jim W.

Will this work with the Expobar Office Lever?
Maggie aswered:
This combination will not fit your machine-the Expobar bottomless portafilter ( will fit your machine best.