Lavazza Medium Roast Espresso Decaffeinato

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Lavazza Medium Roast Espresso Decaffeinato gives you sweet aromatic coffee without the caffeine buzz. You can brew it in your Espresso Machine, Drip Coffee Maker, or French Press and achieve excellent results. Keep some on hand for those late nights when you want a tasty coffee but need to sleep and for your friends who desire a decaf brew. This Lavazza Medium Roast Espresso Decaffeinato comes pre-ground in a vacuum sealed 8.8oz brick package.

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Roast Profile
Roast Profile Medium
Best For Brewing
Espresso Yes
Drip & Espresso Yes
Drip Yes
French Press Yes
Moka Pot Yes
Coffee Condition
Pre-Ground Yes
Coffee State
Decaffeinated Yes
Coffee Botanical
Species Arabica & Robusta
Coffee Packaging
Container Brick
Container Size 8.8oz
Package Case
Package Size 12 of 8.8oz Bricks
Coffee Type
Blend Yes
Coffee Origin
Country Of Origin Brazil & Asia
Where Roasted Italy
Country Imported From Italy

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