Nespresso C190 Concept Espresso Machine

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As with all Nespresso espresso machines, convenience is the key element of design in the C190 Concept. The Nespresso C190 Concept boasts a truly unique silhouette highlighting its use of rounded lines. The titanium, silver, and blue ABS plastic housings extraordinarily accent this piece of sculpture and this flexibility allows it to fit into numerous color schemes. Internally the C190 Concept utilizes a stainless steel thermoblock heating element and a high-pressure pump (19 bars) designed specifically for the Nespresso system. Its 3 position jaw stick will automatically eject used capsules into a hidden compartment. The C190 Concept is also equipped with a steam wand/hot water dispenser.

All Nespresso espresso machines are intended to be used exclusively with Nespresso capsules. Ground espresso and other brands of pods or capsules cannot be used to make espresso with these machines. Capsules can be purchased only through Nespresso; we do not sell Nespresso capsules. To order your Nespresso capsules call 888-NESPRESSO (888-637-7737) or visit and choose from their varieties of coffee. Capsule orders can be placed 24hrs/day 7 days a week.

Includes a set of 2 Nespresso Logo cups and saucers with an assortment of 12 capsules to get you started. Warranty Included! Available in Titanium and Blue.

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