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Steamy Wanda’s curves fit in your hand, giving you ultimate leverage as you maneuver it to clean out your steam wand. The bristles were designed for commercial and semi-commercial machines, but they will fit many consumer products as well, reaching places other cleaners can’t. The looped metal end of the brush is gentle and won’t scratch the inside of your machine. Steamy Wanda is convenient, efficient, and does a great job of cleaning out your steam wand. Available in green (6 mm diameter) and red (7.2 mm diameter).

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Recent questions
lanciabeta asked:
posted on Jul 27, 2013 06:14PM

Question by Corrado F.

Which is the correct size for the team wand of the Rancilio Silvia V3?
Maggie aswered:
The best one for your machine would be the smaller size.
Stephen aswered:
I bought the green one for my Gaggia Classic. I was told by Pallo that the red one was only for one brand of machine. I forgot what it was, but it was much more expensive than the Silvia.