Paradise Coffee Roasters Costa Rica La Magnolia

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Paradise Coffee Roasters Costa Rica La Magnolia whole bean coffee is a fine representative of Costa Rican coffee very true to the origin. Malt-like in the dry fragrance with warm caramel, brown sugar and almond extract detected and enhanced in the wet aroma. Floral notes released in the break, which carry on into the flavor. A tea-like hibiscus and chamomile flavor hits the palate first, companied by lemon zest and cocoa. The finish transitions back to the malty and caramel notes. Bright acidity and light, decadent body, it delivers a cup for those who enjoy a more delicate coffee.

Source notes from Paradise:
La Magnolia is produced under the guidance of the famous La Minita Estate. The La Minita Estate works with a mill in Tres Rios, having access to all the cherry coffee they purchase from surrounding farms. Their rigorously high standards control how the coffee is milled and extensive cupping determines which lots they offer, selecting only the best in every step of the way. A number of farms contribute to the final product of green coffee resulting in consistency from year to year and a greater economic impact on the community as a whole.

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Flavor Notes
Aroma Notes Malty with warm caramel, brown sugar & almond
Taste Notes Floral with hibiscus & chamomile notes accompanied by lemon zest & cocoa
Finish Notes Malty & caramel
Palate Notes Light body & bright acidity
Roast Profile
Roast Profile Light, Light City
Best For Brewing
Espresso Yes
Drip & Espresso Yes
Drip Yes
Pour Over Yes
French Press Yes
Coffee + Liquor Yes
Coffee Condition
Whole Bean Yes
Coffee State
Regular Caffeine Yes
Special Attribute
Single Origin Yes
Estate Grown La Minita
Coffee Botanical
Species 100 % Arabica
Varietal Caturra, Catuai
Coffee Origin
Country Of Origin Costa Rica
Region, farm, Co-op, or Estate La Minita altitude: 1200 to 1650 meters
Where Roasted USA
Country Imported From USA

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