Rancilio Commercial Portafilter, Single Spout

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Recent questions
darin asked:
posted on Jun 07, 2013 01:46PM

Question by darin h.

Hello, I have the Silvia with the stock PortaFilter. Will this one work on the Silvia? Also, since it is heavier will it wear out the seals on the silvia or put extra burden on the structer of the machine?
DanielCulver aswered:
I believe that this will fit your machine, but perhaps someone with more experience with that particular machine will further verify this. I would like to speak to the weight question. As long as the fit is the same, the heavier brass commercial portafilter is better for your machine. The extra... more

oren asked:
posted on Feb 21, 2013 11:31AM

Question by oren g.

Is this portafilter with a Rancilio logo like in the pic?
A aswered:
Oren, The portafilter that you tagged will be the one pictured. All of the Rancilio portafilters will fit any of their machines, and they all have the logo at the end of the handle.