Refurbished Stainless Steel Rancilio Rocky Doser Coffee Grinder

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Get a great deal on a Refurbished Rancilio Rocky Doser Coffee Grinder.

The Rocky is the most durable coffee bean grinder available in its price range. It is extremely well made and we highly recommend it for home use and light commercial use. It is a dosing grinder, which makes it especially suited for use with an espresso machine. Although, it would have no problem grinding fine or coarse enough for any type of coffee/espresso machine you might have. The forks that are designed to hold your espresso machine portafilter in place are removable so that you may use any receptacle you want to catch the coffee. The Rocky is the grinder of choice for the finicky home barista due to its quality of grind and durability.

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Burrs D50 69000032 1/2

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Recent questions
D asked:
posted on Aug 23, 2013 01:06AM

Question by D S.

I'm seeing a TON of refurbished Rocky Doser machines on the net period. Makes me wonder if this thing is reliable.
mjackson aswered:
DS,I just think people are upgrading there grinder, also the fact that people can sell them at a good price and get it makes me believe that they actually are reliable. It is built like a tank.
Stephen aswered:
I love my Rocky, but I recommend the doserless. You don't want coffee sitting in a doser getting stale. They are really meant for commercial applications where you are making several espressos and hour.

Chelsea asked:
posted on Mar 16, 2013 09:29PM

Question by Chelsea F.

How soon might this item be back in stock?
techkathy aswered:
The refurbished rocky is currently in stock
Chelsea aswered:
The availability still says out of stock... I'm confused.