Rattleware Basic Knock Box, Metal Holder

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Eliminate trips to the garbage can or sink to dispose of your spent coffee grounds with the classic Rattleware Basic Knock Box. Enclosed in metal, the Basic Knock Box neatly holds your used coffee grounds.

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Recent questions
Equii asked:
posted on Mar 24, 2014 05:12PM


What is the inner contaner made of? Is it dishwasher safe? is it removabe from the otter caseing? is the outer casing washer safe? is the center bar removable?
Erik aswered:
The inner container is stainless steel and is removable. It is dishwasher safe.  The outer casing is metal and although I'm not sure, I would say its likely not dishwasher safe. The center bar can be removed

Stephen P. asked:
posted on Sep 22, 2013 01:18PM

Question by Stephen P. B.

Does this box have rubber feet on the bottom?
ShaneAncefsky-Sales aswered:
Thank you for the question. Yes the knock box has non-scratch rubber feet.